> For The Love Of My Cousin 03

Personal Qualities Worthy To Be Called His Creation.

Qualities I possess worthy to be called His creation? I can give two. And these will primarily deal with LOVE. The love for my Mother and the love ofr my physical appearance.

I was with my cousins malling one time when this mechanical lead vocalist introduced her next selection as a tribute to all the mothers out there, all the unsung heroes of the world, I smiled and decided to stay a little bit longer. She sung quite good songs and then I decided to leave. However, when I was about to take my steps away, she sung this song which until now I don’t know the title, “You’ll never know that you’re my hero….” As I listened to the song, I realized how I love my Mother and how I miss her.

When God decided to redeem the world to save us from our sins, He chose Mary to be His mother. It may sound a little bit argumentative especially for those who never had the same feelings towards Mary, but the fact that God is obviously the One who created all of us and does established Mary as just an instrument for His coming, we can never deny the fact that Jesus loves him as His true Mother. And I think that is one quality I possess worthy to be called His creation. I love my Mother so much and I will forever be thankful to God for such a wonderful gift.

We live in a time and age when most women have completely lost touch with reality as to what true beauty is. The media of this age has done a big job in distorting the perception of true beauty in women.

In the scriptures we are reapeatedly reminded that inner beauty is much more precious to God. But we cannot deny the fact that God gave us outward beauty. I believe God has also blessed women with outward beauty, Sarah and other holy women in the bible are examples of that. Sarah’s outward beauty was a blessing to Abraham. Nowadays we are so obsessed with fake beauty, that we have even forgotten that our natural beauty is a blessing to everyone. Songs of Solomon portrays that as well.

Am I saying it is a sin to change your physical appearance? Not necessarily. I honestly don’t know whether it’s a sin or not. I just can not see how this physical changes should come before God or ask Him why you were created ugly or at least the way some people put it. I can not speak for everyone, I cannot draw the line either. I do not want to come across as legalistic. But looking at the issue from my perspective, I see so much sin that surround the whole practice of making oneself different. Certainly God created us of his own image and does making us beautiful.

This love for my Mother and the way He created me certainly worth to be called His creation.


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