> Friendship Rules

While I was still in the hype of blogging, I wrote about the “ground rules of friendship”. I wanted to write more but there wasn’t much room or time, so I think this will be the excellent place and time to continue. I’ll try to resume writing again.

There were a lot of ideas floating in my mind about friendships. I mean, each person approaches friendship in a different way. There are people we call “acquaintances”, and then there are people we call “friends”, and there are the select few who are confidants and are our “best friends”. What defines your friendship? What are the ground rules of your friendships? Or should there be any rule at all?

I’d like to write about this because my friendship with a group of people made a sudden turn few months back. I guess I was still in the denial that I chose not to write about it.

Human relationships can never be dictated or limited by a set of rules. No relationship is an imitation of the other and no fixed law can claim to envelope all the aspects of even one relationship. However, there are principles that we follow to make a friendship flourish. What are your principles?


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