> He’s Cheating On My Sister

Just last week, Almsie, Kelly, Rach and I were having lunch at the pantry. And of course the regular update on how my life is going and how it is living with my sisters and their partners are improving [if I may say so] have been the topic again. My sister caught her husband texting another girl in the middle of the night and of course resulted to a fight. Just before I came to work earlier, we heard the couple fighting again and my sister was crying. My sister found out her husband has been cheating again and to cut a long story short they decided to make a go of things – much to myself and my other sister’s annoyance [although we kept our mouths shut and supported her decision]. What if he do it again? Do we have to meddle? My sister and her husband have been living together for only a short time. She’s pregnant now and it just makes me sick what he is putting her though. I want to do something, but I feel I have to keep out of things. My sister just doesn’t confide to me, and I want to be there for her but I don’t know how? Ahhh, cheaters!


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