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Everybody’s humming the tune so I thought of posting this. Got this from my friend Ian Felix Alquiros’ multiply site. Enjoy!


> Ex

We were happy, contented, we were together.

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I’ve been having these dreams about my ex. I miss him. Maybe because we really didn’t have a good closure or maybe because we don’t need it. A friend once told me, if you still love your ex despite the fact that you have broken up, it implies that you indeed loved him or her when you were together, you did not take the latter for granted. However, it can happen that this feeling is not reciprocal. If such is the case, then, you may not succeed. But, the opposite can also happen, depending on how you fix the problem.

So, what can I do now? I need to hold on and think first. Do you really want to get back with your ex? Is that really what you want? Just because you had a good time together on the overall may not necessarily mean that you need to reconcile.

Sometimes, you are just not meant to be together, then you have two options – either you stay friends or you each take different routes. My problem? he’s not in the country anymore.

So for you people who still have the option to really win your ex back, maybe your relationship simply needs the a different structure or maybe those provided by a treatment program. If you want to save back your marriage, then you can take the help of a therapist or marriage counselor. In addition, these people might see approaches to problems that you and your ex did not even pay attention. Ask people who have gone through that kind of situation for help as well. For People Like Us, do the best that we can to save it and if nothing happened, just be thankful that you had him/her at least for a time.

Next, the overwhelming majority of couples get back together. Do not forget that communication is also critical. Definitely, things will be settled with time.

After getting back together, you will love each other more than you never did before. If you didn’t, well, there will be other routes to pursue.

And yeah, I just found out that a friend [from my multiply list] broke up with his partner and I really feel bad. I used to watch their videos together singing love songs.  I just told him to be thankful that “at least we’re still given the option to move on” and that we can still say “next!

I’ll just be acting like a loser these days. I’ll get over it, yeah I will. My heart says otherwise. Loser. Whew!

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