> Our Nina

Nina, my officemate/true friend bade goodbye last Friday. She’ll be seeking for greener pasture and raking better opportunities. We love her dearly for everything about her. It’s sad but I know it will make her happy.

Anyway, this is the card I made for her. We [I, Kelly, Z, Almsie, Carlo, Nina] had dinner at C2 Shangri La Plaza and enjoyed our last moments [at least as officemates] together. I will miss her so much. 



> Catch Me, I’m Single

Edward, our shift manager and a friend announced that he just got out of a 5 year relationship. We talked about our attitude towards relationship and up to what extent we can allow ourself to do. he’s the I’ll-give-you-all type while I remained to be the paranoid and NSA type of guy.

I enjoy my life and does not even consider or not seeing myself into a relationship in the coming days. Each has his own stand or words to say about being single. One in particular stands out everyday: sad being single. Of course I have no idea who the people are typing those three timid little words. I don’t know if they are male or female. What race they are. But none of that matters of course. I have the same message: Don’t be. Another one that comes up is a variation of being recently single after a relationship split.


The benefits of being single may not outweigh the benefits of being in a relationship for you personally, but put things in perspective. Now it’s just you. You don’t have to answer to someone else when you want to go out and do things without the other person — oh like boys’ night out, a boy’s frolic to a the local strip joint, a quick road trip, etc. I’m being slightly tongue in cheek on at least one of those suggestions. Bottom line: Claim your freedom! I’m not insensitive enough to say “get over it.” That’s unrealistic. You deserve the right to be broken up about being broken up. Have your moment. Then get past it. Yep, this is all advice and I know my disclaimer says this isn’t an advice blog. It isn’t. But I hope it’s a haven for everyone who feels upset, sad, disappointed about becoming single or still being single.

He or she will come along with so many other good things so just enjoy the time you have now.Reevaluate. Look at this as a time to reflect. Yep, that sounds sappy. But just do it. Reflect with a glass of wine if you must. Reflect with the pictures you have with friends. Write a blog. Whatever gets you focused. I like a combo of all three myself. Er, maybe not that first one…

Exercise realistic optimism: Once you are over being in the dumps, see this as an opportunity for a chance to start again but realize that you need to always be prepared to be alone. Share your day with another person who is single. The stories alone should brighten your outlook. There is always something to laugh about — trust me.

All of these suggestions are also good for those who are sad being single, still. But really, there’s nothing to be sad about. Embark in new things you could never experience with another person. Just reevaluate.

Singles out there, I’m single. Fiery hot!

> Beautiful Cheater

I just came back from my lunch break earlier when a guy friend called, asking me if I know anything going on between her girl and another guy. He was really devastated and all. I assured him that I don’t know any and just advised him to stay home and don’t do anything stupid and consider the thought that he might just be reacting way too much… Whew! here I am again.


With all the media hype sex scandals are getting nowadays, I remember Dra. Vicki Belo saying “I keep trying to see the purpose behind this, and for women to realize that they have to be careful, and for women to realize that if somebody has a girlfriend, you shouldn’t go in there and steal him,” – in an interview aired over GMA’s Unang Balita.

If you’re suspecting that your partner is doing bullshit behind you think for a minute about how your partner might try to dismiss your accusations [we were just joking around, I was just flirting, it was a misunderstanding, we are just friends, nothing happened, etc.]. If you can anticipate how your partner is likely to respond, you can try to gather the evidence you need to counter what he or she says.

The important things to keep in mind are being thorough in finding evidence, taking notes on any little thing, and saving everything.

Sadly, too many relationships end from cheating partners. I am not sure if the cheaters realize how much damage they are truly causing to someone they say they loved! Most people in some way or another have had to deal with this major epidemic. There are many people that will argue that monogamy is unnatural and that is why people are all too often tempted by others. I have to disagree since being in love is one of the greatest feeling is the world, but I do understand how easy it is to be tempted.

My side? I just believe that these cheaters will soon find what they really need and deserve.

There are some signs of cheating that are not always obvious to the partner being cheated on. Sure, staying out late constantly, giving you lame excuses for not being with you, and sly phone calls in the middle of the night are all clear signs that something is going on. However, there are a few others that will surprise you. Here are a couple of the less common ones.

Is your partner taking better care of himself or herself? A change in hairstyle, shopping for a new wardrobe [especially if it is without you], increasing trips to the gym can all be warning signs of an affair.

Has your partner’s taste in things suddenly changed? For example, his choice in music could be fast moving in another direction, or she I had access to the symphony.

Does your better half spend more time at the PC and less time with you? The internet has been one of the best communication tools of choice for cheaters. It agony and the capability to wipe the evidence with a few keystrokes.

Is your partner more irritable? He or she may be every one of reasons: it is a good way to self-justify his behavior, and also serves as a good excuse for her to “go for a drive” to cool off. Or heat up.

Is there suddenly a new cell phone that your better half uses often? Frequently cheaters desire a technique to speak with their paramours that belongs only to them. Not only does it permit them more privacy, but also gives them a feeling of the safety that incorporates isolation from the rest of the world.

Has your partner cheated before? If this is so you are likely the next victim if other indications of a cheating partner are present. It may be hard for habitual cheaters to switch habits.

Beautiful Liar – Shakira

There are so many ways to catch a cheating partner so just open your eyes and be sensitive. She might look too beautiful now but have you tried asking, is she doing that for me? or for somebody else? Come on. Ask.

> Never Say Die

Do you still remember the last line of the American Civil War novel “Gone With The Wind”? where Scarlett O’Hara said “Tara. Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day”?

This joins “Fiddle-dee-dee!” and “Great balls of fire!” as lines spoken by Scarlett O’Hara that have become commonplace in the language.

And Ted Kennedy’s “The hope still lives” — deep, inspired words — “And the dream shall never die.”

Have you watched the new Lucky Me commercial which features an adorable kid crying because he was not chosen for a basketball team?

Young boy:
12 lang ang napili sa tryout
Pang-13 ako
Praktis ako nang praktis
Huhuhuuuu… may uniform na ‘ko
‘Nay, bakit?

Voice over:
‘Pag Nanay ka alam mo’ng magpapasarap sa araw niyang masaklap.

Mother: Mag Lucky Me ka muna. Ano’ng sabi ng Nanay?

Young boy : Never say die
Mother: Ano pa?
Young boy: Tomorrow’s another day

Young man : Our dreams shall never die!

I remember my young nephew every time I watch this. I miss him so much but can’t do anything to be with him yet. He never failed to touch my heart.

I would usually call his Mom [my sister] everytime its flashed on the tube “Ang anak mo!”

Let us keep it alive in all that we do; because so much can be done, if we would just believe in that dream, and then act on it.

> Make Me Super

It has been a very good-long-weekend for me. I had a lot of time spent sleeping, reading, meeting friends and to catch on my favorit etc shows.

I have been seeing bits and pieces of this reality show called “Make Me A Supermodel” every now and then. The challenges and the characters caught my attention but I just didn’t have the time then. Now that I’ve been given the time? What do you expect?

I know Bravo’s “Make Me A Supermodel” isn’t a reinvention of the runway. Like the CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” and VH1’s “America’s Most Smartest Model”, “Supermodel” relies mostly on a tried-and-true formula: fantastic-looking people + capital A Awkward situation = surefire drama. Witness the pairing of models who hate each other, the photo-shoots involving whips and other sexual festishes, husbands with wives back home, and et cetera.

But each modeling series has developed its own niche, and “Supermodel” seems to have chosen for its comfort zone the LGBT zip code.

I don’t pretend to speak for the LGBT community, but in my opinion there’s only one thing better than two hot smoking men, and that’s two hot smoking men who are into each other. “Supermodel” seems to agree with me, because they’ve ratcheted up the homoerotic content.

Watching gay Ronnie and straight Ben do their dance around each other reminds me of the worst and best parts of high school and college: the instant attraction, the “playful” friendship, the sinking knowledge that one can only ultimately ‘play’, if that, and the freaking out that gets piled on top of everything every part of the way.

Except, of course, this being television, everything gets dialed to eleven: instead of ‘friendly’ knee pats, we have R & B rolling around on a bed [albeit with the buffer of a woman], and instead of the stock girlfriend, we have a wife back home whose cheeks get redder every week. And that’s where the problem lies.

There’s manufactured drama, and then there’s genuine drama for which reality show makers will sacrifice their children – and I bet the “Supermodel” producers shed tears every week for the blessings that are Ronnie and Ben – but the problem with genuine drama is that it tends to involve genuine trauma.

Pair two models who hate each other, and in the worst-case scenario you might end up with bruised egos and scratched faces. Put Ronnie and Ben together, however, and you end up with developments like married Ben supposedly telling Ronnie he’d experiment with a man if drinks were flowing. Or Ronnie saying he has real feelings for Ben. Both of which can only elicit one response:

Oh no!

To quote the show’s recapper on Television Without Pity: “I want to fly to New York immediately and rescue them both from themselves and each other. Ben, you don’t want to be with Ronnie, you just like him a lot and he’s hot and you really appreciate the sexual attention. Ronnie, you don’t want Ben… Well, maybe you do, but there are so many other gorgeous gay fish in the sea who will not flip on you after six painful months of tearful confusion.”

The show is only at episode four, but I’m already cringing at the possible ramifications of future Ben and Ronnie Epic Bromance installments. So much so that I was almost glad for the attempt at manufacturing gay panic drama in the third episode.

In that one, straight boys Perry and Casey were asked to pair up for a sizzling lingerie photo-shoot. A big bed was provided, as were briefs, handcuffs, and other props… including a lollipop.

Then, later, they were asked to give their runway interpretation of “equestrian with a fetish twist”.

To both guys’ credit, though, they rose above the gay panic drama bait in both instances, and acquitted themselves admirably. There was tonguing, tying, whipping, nibbling of ear lobes, pulling of waistbands, and all sorts of other collar-heating activity, but nary a bit of awkwardness or face-making.

Seriously, y’all. It’s almost NSFW; that’s how good those two were.

And please, don’t forget the fact that I drool Holly. She’s just so lovely.

> Sandara Park

I have long been wondering what happened to Sandara Park’s life. She’s been a real hardworking girl trying to make both ends meet just to support her family.

I have admired her so much while she was still here in the Philippines. You may not call her an actress or a performer but surely she’s an entertainer. I felt bad when she got back from Korea only to find out that she already lost her stardom. But you know what? I think she was really born to be in the limelight. Here’s what I found out.

> Swine Flu

“We’re staring at a flu epidemic!” my friend yelled, “Stop alarming people like that!” I’ve always been updated on news like these. Scientists, discoveries, their latest publications – these make up my everyday routine before focusing with work. So it was not strange that I already knew about this flu epidemic before most others.

Scientists have long anticipated the outbreak of a flu epidemic that will result in a huge loss of lives around the globe. As reports of a flu attack pour in, scientists are cautioning people about this flu attack. A public health emergency has been declared. So guys, we need to take care and take cover. Just share your best ideas in the spirit of helping others.

The alarm that everyone is talking about is true. DOH officials have identified the 1st swine flu case here in the Philippines. A couple of friends have come up with ways by which we can combat this flu attack.

To boost up the immunity is probably the best thing one can do. Stick to a healthy routine, plenty of vitamin C and exercise and of course, enough sleep.

Vaccine may be helpful but we are facing a new flu all the time. I wonder if we could ever catch up with the varieties.