> Do You Love Holy Week?

Where were you during the Holy Week? Do you love Holy Week?

Is it wrong, I wonder, for me to say that I love Holy Week?

It seems a bit wrong – after all – it is an immensely sad time, when we recall betrayal, torture, suffering and death. The music with its minor keys takes up the sad tone. The ceremonies in their plainness and their drama are poignant and moving. It’s not Holy Week anymore and we’re all back from the realities of life. I just came back from Galera and I partied there. I don’t know if I’ve been bad because of that.

We embark on Holy Week knowing already the end of the story. We traipse the way of the cross guided by the light of the resurrection. The betrayal and agony in the Garden of Maundy Thursday would be bleak, were it not for the promise of new life revealed in the Mass. The suffering and sacrifice of Good Friday would be crushing, were it not for the laying of his body in a tomb which waits for a new dawn. And as we set the new fire on Holy Saturday – we already know that the sacrifice has burnt away sins and his light leads us on to his new life.

It is a Holy Week not because it is sad, but it is a Holy Week because together we walk this road with Christ. And that I think is why I love Holy Week – because like life itself, it is journey which we never walk on our own.


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