> What Rain Brings

I should have been home already but the rain stopped me. This gave me time think some things over.

Rain. Feels like time has stopped. Or rather, has slowed down. People in rain coats, with umbrellas, or those waiting for it to stop. Rain has this timeless natural melody that never ceases to please me. The cool breeze and the dew afterwards makes me nostalgic. It’s as if I could travel back in time but only during those days that rained.

I remember as a child I was up in our bed resting my legs up the window to get a feel of that nice crisp breeze and put my face up on the cold metal braces of the window to feel the air outside.

 Now that I’m working, I still love the rain. I love the thought that it will rain soon as I get home because that promises a very good sleep. I love the thought that I’ll have coffee with friends and see the rain drops touching the windows. I love the thoughts that come along with the raindrops, the realizations, the inner voice that makes me braver. Ahhh… the rain.



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