> Love Your Faulty Partner

I joined Abhi earlier at Megamall as she went shopping for decorations and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Her new account will be launched today so she thought of some things to energized the agents.

With all the balloons, doughnuts and my bags [for my Galera vacation] and her with all some other stuffs, we still managed to talk about having crushes and relationships.

I told her that I just saw my crush along my way earlier and that it feels so good to have those moments. She then quipped-  “ako wala nang crush” with the sad face act. I laughed and told her that she already have Bochog [her boyfriend], what more can you ask for?

It seems like so many people are breaking up these days over the smallest things that honestly don’t even matter. People are taking relationships for granted, and they’re branching out and getting in fights over things such as Susie calling or texting too much or Bobby not showing that he cares as much as he should.

People need to remember that they’re lucky enough to actually be in a relationship. At the end of the day, they have someone who is there for them and who believes in them, and this is something that so many single people would love to have. It’s sad that so many couples are taking it for granted.

You have to remember that “you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone.” If you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend over simple things that are stupid and don’t even matter, talk to them about it, tell them how much you care about them, and try to find a common ground.

In my field of work, we’re used to the “sandwich approach”. It’s about keeping the negativities or bad aspects of the program in between good features, benefits and advantages.

People should break up because He was cheating on She, or because He keeps lying to Him. Not over stupid little things.


So for all of you folks out there who have a significant other, tell them how much you appreciate them being a part of your life today. And try not to fight over something stupid.


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