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My phone got busted before we went to Palawan last month. I’m the type who usually fiddles on my cellphone although I’ve seen and memorized everything that’s in there. I don’t know why, I just feel the need to do it every once in a while. Now that I’m just using my sister’s spare phone and my contacts were all gone, it’s just surprising how I feel so free and easy.

When I was growing up, few of my friends had walkie talkie and mobiles were yet to be developed. Nowadays, everybody seems to have at least one phone in some form or another and we all seem to be expected to be available at any given time.


I’ve no idea how many times my mobile’s gone off while I’m visiting friends, having dinner in a pub, or standing in a supermarket checkout queue. My house phone has rung while I’m up to my elbows in washing, have my hands full of dough, or am in the middle of eating dinner. Yet time after time the caller has refused to respect that I didn’t want to or couldn’t talk right then. “Just let me tell you about…” seems to be the standard response to my “I can’t talk right now”.

I find it rude when my guests spend 10-15 minutes or more on the phone while I’m sat there like a dumb banana twiddling my thumbs and hearing half of their conversation. In fact I once had I guest spent more than an hour on his mobile, talking to his other half who he’d be seeing the next day anyway!

When I’m socializing, I concentrate on those I’m socializing with, not those who are making unnecessary demands on my time and I expect other reasonably sensible people to do the same.

Do we really believe we’re so important that we have to take every call? Do others really have a right to demand our time in any situation?

Phones obviously have a place in our modern society. I have no question about that.

It’s years now since I’ve been dependant on answering the phone. If it isn’t suitable to talk – and that could be just because I don’t feel like talking – I don’t answer it. I figured that if it’s important they’ll either leave a message or text me; if they don’t then they couldn’t have wanted to get hold of me that badly. Nowadays, being less dependant on my phone helps keep my life simple. I’m not stressed by a ringing phone that I’m unable to answer in the way some people are.

Some say I’m being ignorant and selfish by ignoring a ringing telephone. I know some felt bad because I have not been responding but I’ll do that if I feel the need to do so or if I think it’s really important. For now, I’ll just be like these. I’m still waiting for my new phone. I don’t know if I’ll go back to what I used to after that. We’ll see.


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  1. nice reviews thanx.

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