> My Friends Don’t Like You

Some things have been bothering me for the past few days. H has been bothering me to be exact. He wants to go with me to Galera for the Holy Week.

After everything that happened, I don’t think my friends will feel good seeing him. I even told him that-“they don’t like you anymore”. He felt bad and asked me – “did you even tell them that I’m sorry?”

Your friends say that you’re too good for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Your boyfriend/girlfriend says to think on your own and stop listening to your friends. You’re stuck in the middle. What do you do?

Well, you could always rely on the “chicks before dicks” or “bros before hoes” philosophy [sorry if that offended anyone], but when the game is in the fourth quarter and there’s only one minute left, it seems like the majority of people will favor their significant other over their friends. Why? Because they love their special someone so much, and they know that their true friends will be there for them and love them no matter how many stupid mistakes they make.

…Or will they?

It’s natural for someone to be skeptical about their friend’s significant other, especially when they have been there for their friend, even they only have witnessed a bit of the fights, the days when they see their friend being affected by misunderstandings, and the pro and con lists that do not shed light on the relationship. It’s also natural to be overly protective of your friends. I mean, after all, if you’re friends, you have obviously realized that your friend is an amazing person who deserves nothing more than the best.

But sometimes you have to let your friend/s decide [on his/her/their own] what “the best” is.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes your judgement will be right, but sometimes your friend will prove you wrong and that of course is better. If you’re constantly “mothering” your friend and basically stating that what you believe is always right without thinking long, you’re not going to have a friendship for long. Sometimes, even if we think our friends are making a mistake and we want nothing more than to shield them from potential hurt or pain, we have to let them make their own decisions. Everything happens for a reason. People make decisions based on different purposes that don’t always make sense but sometimes yield a good outcome. Say your piece and let your friend decide.

On the other side, if you are the friend being cared for, please accept the fact that whatever they will be saying is what they think is right. Your foundation is “friendship” and of course your welfare will be their priority. If they think something is wrong there is no perfect timing to say that. They might not be able to point out things immediately because they don’t want you to be hurt, but time will come they will have to say it. When they say their specific concern, please don’t think of other things and blow it out of proportion. Think of the good times and those “love” times, trust me you’ll understand.

 Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in people when all you have been thinking about is the bad. But remember, such situations will really be encountered on the course of friendship or else you’ll be lying to yourselves. Trust in your friend’s judgment or at least consider them, and don’t leave them in the dust because you don’t agree with their choices. If things do go wrong, you will always be needing your friend/s, and when you’re talking to your friend after something goes wrong [even if you’re secretly biting your tongue in attempt to not say “I told you so”], that’s when you’ve proven that you are, indeed, a true friend.


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