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Lacks sleep, stressed and emotionally battered, that’s what I am now. I’m sure nobody wants to have this feeling – a sense of unsatisfaction and discontentment. Do you get these moments when you feel that everything could still be much better than it is now? When you feel that a lot of people are standing on better ground and being washed down with cleaner rain? Yes, I know it’s unhealthy! but I’m not sure myself where this is coming from so I guess it’s worth listing down the possibilities. Maybe through this I can get this out of my system and feel a whole lot better…

If someone will ask me before “how are you?”, you’ll hear three words “Happy and contented…”

It’s not the same anymore. Should I edit that out and change it to “Gloomy and unsatisfied…?”

Nah. I’ll get over this, I’ll count my blessings, and tomorrow, my aura will be a reflection of… “Happy and contented.”


> Be My Ex

Maysilo and I have started talking again. Like nothing happened. Like nothing occured. The underlying fact of our true relationship is still the same. The question – “How do I deal with my Ex?” keeps on bugging me. The bottom line when it comes to dealing with an ex is the simple fact that that’s what they are… an ex. You honestly do not have to talk to them or see them if you don’t want to. That has now become your own personal prerogative.

It’s difficult to write a blog on “how to deal with your ex” just because of the fact that people break up over many different things. If you were physically or emotionally abused by your ex, by all means, stay away from him or her. If he or she cheated on you, then I do not personally find any fault in not wanting to keep the communication “A” flowing.

Of course, many times break ups lead to friendships, which can work, as long as both parties try.

But just how “friendly” can you be with an ex? And what is considered “crossing the line?”

I personally feel that if you are going to remain friends with an ex, you still need a period after you break up to “cool off” and get your life back together. If your ex is constantly calling you right after you break up, the natural “healing” process that we all need to [and should] go through will not commence.

Now, if your ex starts trying to make you a confidant and begins to ask for your advice on life, relationships, etc., how do you respond without being too chummy?

Well, I am an advice giver. If you come to me with a problem or a situation that you’re trying to work through or figure out, I am going to help you. Even if you are my ex. I’m not gonna tell you what to do or which lead to follow. What I can just say is for you to make the decision. Weigh things and be firm on that. If you think that the decision will be fair and will be the best for you both then by all means go on. The decision may hurt somebody but let’s face it, there’s no easy way to get those things done. And please, if you’re the one who’s at fault and you’re really sorry, just be sorry. Don’t try to redirect the issue.  Don’t find somebody else to carry the burden. Don’t blame other people and come clean because you cannot.

However, this does not mean that I am going to sugar coat things. And this can run true for many people. If an ex comes to you for advice, it’s very likely that a little bit of anger/frustration left over from the relationship might come out in that advice. But hey, they’re the one who decided to come to you.

So how much communication and/or friendliness with an ex is too much? Well, most people don’t want to feel like they’re best friends with their ex… at least not right away. If you feel like your ex is the best person to give you advice, it’s perfectly fine to go to him or her, but be cautious. Remember that they do have a somewhat different life now, and prepare for the fact that they might not even want to help you… because that can happen. Don’t be pushy, clingy, or an annoyance. After all, you are the ex.

People tend to turn to an ex when something goes wrong or when they’re feeling blue because that person was there for them for so long, and well, they became accustomed to the advice and comfort that this person gave. When something like that disappears, it’s hard for some people to turn to someone else.

All in all, try and be civil with your ex. Common courtesy is always a good thing.

> Charice In Italy

> Charice’s Latest

This blog has been a constant follower of Charice’s undeniable talent and skyrocketing career. Here’s her latest videos.

> Why Susan Boyle?

While I keep it mainly under wraps, folks who are close to me know that you can find me trolling YouTube on weekends to find out a little bit about American Idol. I’m sick that way.

Thanks to my blogger friends, I instead spent more time than I’d like to admit watching the Scottish Susan Boyle unexpectedly bringing the house down on Britain’s Got Talent, a show both infinitely crueler and more humane than AI.

Perhaps it’s the sweeping overly-melodramatic song choice that appears to map to life, the unexpected tone that just flies out over the crowd, or the charm and bathos created by the odd pre-interview and the tension from the moment she walks on stage that she will fail: like so many on the net, I’ve been a bit addicted to this video.

I was stunned for the same reason the talent show judges were stunned, the same reason the audience was stunned, the same reason Internet viewers were stunned, and the same reason bloggers were stunned. None of us expected this magnificent voice to come from a [sorry to use the word] frumpy 47-year-old, soon to be 48, unemployed woman.

Susan Boyle’s choice of song, I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables was brilliant. Her song exemplified her life’s dream of becoming a professional singer. This choice also showed her amazing range of voice. I have watched the video 15 times and each time I pick up on a different nuance. Look carefully at Susan’s face just before she starts to sing and you see a fleeting smile, a smile that says “I have something special to share with you.”

Her rendition of the song is a “grabber,” to say the least. But I think there is more to this story. I think Susan Boyle exemplifies hope — hope for the person who has lost a job, hope for someone who is getting a divorce, hope for caregivers who face daunting tasks, hope for parents with dreams for their children. Susan Boyle said she applied to the talent show in the hope of becoming a professional singer. Though I cannot speak for the show judges, I think they felt the hope of Susan’s song.

As the camera pans the faces of audience members, you see astonishment in their faces and, it seems to me, you also see hope. Thankfully, I found hope again. Because I found hope I cried when I heard Susan Boyle sing.

Bloggers have cried, too, and I think hope is behind these tears. We all have dreams we dreamed. Susan Boyle was living her dream as she sang. Perhaps she sang for all of our unrealized dreams — dreams we have worked for, waited for, and hope will come true. I am grateful to Susan Boyle for sharing her voice, her dream, and herself with the world.

> Sigh-yang


> Happines Is A State Of Being

“There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.” ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

I’ve been on vacations and out of town trips for the last months. I thought that’s all I need to really be happy, to be free from stress and to have that shield to resist problems but have proven otherwise. I’ve been relieved from all negativities for few days and lo! depression hit me again. It’s like you’re happy yesterday and you go back to your previous state of being. I thought I can run away from my problems but I did not. This really did surprise me. I thought that I will be happy about something so amazing for much longer than 3 weeks.

Did you know that 90% of all people who win the lottery are broke within one year, and that most of those wish they had never won it in the first place?

I think the reason for this is, that anytime we try to change how we feel by using something outside of ourselves, like winning the lottery, or getting a new car or house, or going on vacations, it never works. The resulting feelings of euphoria are often only fleeting. We cannot sustain them for very long. Perhaps, in some way, that is a good thing. It reminds us that happiness really does come from within and is available to us at any moment. True happiness has very little to do with what is happening on the outside, it is an inside job. Happiness is a choice. It is a state of being.

We can make the decision to be happy for one day, when we wake up in the morning, every morning. We can find something that brings us great pleasure, like sitting outside in the garden under an old tree and listening to the birds sing, enjoying photographs, writing and reading back everything you’ve written or watching the dog or cat play, and just savoring the moment. Happiness is always available to us. It is our natural state and we need only allow it in. At any moment, we can stop, take a deep breath, and remember who we really are, and why we came here, and that truly is to experience joy and the aliveness of being.


So, friends, today, no matter what is going on in our lives, whatever it is that people think about you and I, take a few moments to breathe deeply and just decide to be happy, whatever that means to you.

It’s a Friday, let us all be happy. Wish everyone happiness.