> Homo-tendency

Almsie, Kelly and I have somehow talked about gay gestures earlier. We were waiting for some of our friends to join us for lunch when the issue came up. A question started to bother my mind. How are straight people reacting to the current situation? Anywhere you go, you will see gay people. I will categorize everyone that is not straight to be gay okay? I don’t want to argue on this.

A straight colleague of mine has recently expressed some of his gay fantasies, trying to intrigue gay colleagues of his that there could be a little bit of bisexuality in him. A close friend — for years — had trouble fending off sexual advances made by his same-sex supervisors, but recently he outed himself as a bisexual man. An acquaintance, who is on the verge of getting engaged, finds his gay friend’s admiration of his good looks a bigger turn-on than his girlfriend could ever be in any piece of sexy lingerie. A girl friend once told me that if only she’s single and with no kids, she would have been with the same sex.

Are these “straight” men/women trying to prove that they are just open-minded? Or is there more to it? Has political correctness gone overboard, and now straight people think it’s not only okay to tolerate gay lifestyles but to share some of their homosexual desires, too?

What is behind these sudden confessions of bisexuality? Can sex be just sex, no matter the object of desire? Do we live in a world with a population more ” bisexual” than either straight and gay?

A person both Z and I know, hiddenly flaunts his bisexuality and I don’t know if he notices it. He pushes himself to act like a straight guy but his gestures shed his true self. These acts never stopped him from paying compliments to both his male and female colleagues. And so strengthens our observations.

Sometimes, you can see the awkwardness in the girls receiving them. One might think he’s one of the very rare, vocal “bisexuals” out there. But what if his sexuality isn’t all that rare. What if the only thing that makes him a minority is his willingness to be so vocal about it?

People may have assumed a sexual identity through their social interactions and influences. Afterall, how do you know what you’re attracted to, or what “beautiful” looks like to you? Maybe our sexual identity is a product of the images of “beauty” and “gender-appropriate” attractiveness we’re exposed to from birth.

Metrosexuals, the modern straight paragon of male fashion and grace didn’t exactly learn their sense of style and good looks by imitating women. Rather, they copied gay men. Can straight men, then, learn to be gay? Is sexuality more an attraction to a “beauty” aesthetic than a to a gender?

In our society, physical attractions have never been clearly defined. Gay men learn to worship styles from strong, heterosexual female icons. Straight men admire the extraordinary athleticism from their male baseball or hockey stars. These attractions may not be sexually charged but can sound just as homoerotic. But who is to say that if you’re straight you will never go gay? And if you’re gay, being traditional will forever be out of the question.

 So tell me, do you also have the tendency?


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