> aMazinG raCe baGuiO

Last Sunday, a spur-of-the moment decision led our feet to the city of Pines. Earlier that day, Z and Gay texted me to meet them at Victory Liner Cubao as they will still be coming from their Lucena trip. We have planned to attend Inigo’s christening [Lanie’s new born baby] at Dau Pampanga. Soon we were joined by Lizel, Abi and Allan. After the hearty meal served at Inigo’s reception, Gay dared us to just have a coffee at Starbux John Hay. We were hesitant at first but soon the prodding made us all say yes and so there we went.



It’s really one of those unplanned getaways that I will always remember. It helped us escaped from the urban hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. A four-hour bus ride was all it took to get my friends and I to the City of Pines, and we found ourselves hanging around Pizza Volante because Starbucks John Hay was already closed.



Despite the disappointment, we really enjoyed every minute of our stay there. We took so many pictures hanging around Gecko, along the Session Road and Andoks Dokito Frito. We tried to check the midnight ukays but they were nowhere in sight. Laughters filled the air as we continued on our neverending banters, chit chats and picture takings. After a 5 hour stay we decided to head back home. Whew! what an Amazing Race. And a sweet respite it indeed was.




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