> Holiday DVD Marathon 2 : twiLight

H invited me to comeover and bring my Twilight DVD the other day. I have been maintaining “good friendship” with him despite everything that happened. We met for dinner first and discussed in detail our thoughts on the books. He was teasing me because I have read all the books except “New Moon”. I was on cloud nine, no kidding [I don’t know if it’s because I sooo love Twilight or because I still sooo love him].  Someone in the flesh to discuss Twilight and all those wonderful, magical characters with! My only complaint is that the evening went by too fast. Before we knew it, it was time to head over to their place. My ardour for everything Twilight had settled somewhat, which is a good thing [because it’s exhausting being obsessed with something all the time]. Yes Twilight and Edward and Jacob are still some of my very favorite things, but daydreaming about them had become secondary to…living! [pun intended]

As tempted as I am to pick up Twilight and start rereading the saga, I will refrain. Because after seeing the movie again, I feel myself getting pulled right back into the obsession. And if I allow myself to get Twilight out and read it, there will be no looking back. I’ll succumb to the magical draw of Forks, Bella, Jacob… and Edward. Ah, Edward!

H and I went into the Nth viewing of Twilight with different perspectives. He had seen it the first time with no prior knowledge of the story [more or less]. He hadn’t read the saga. I think that would’ve been a cool thing, to have seen the movie before reading the books. I had of course read them [a few times] but they weren’t extremely fresh in my mind. That was on purpose, I tried to remove myself from the story so I could have a fresh perspective. It was hard to do the first time I saw the movie. I couldn’t make my mind focus on the actual movie. Instead I just noticed what was different from the book, what was the same, and especially how the movie felt like a “cliff notes” version of the book. The scenes seemed choppy to me.

That night however, it had been even longer since I’d read the book and I’d already seen the movie so it was a lot easier for me to just go and focus on enjoying the movie itself. I loved it even more the Nth time! I did not get the sense of a choppy cliff notes version again. The movie flowed and the story seemed consistent and smooth. I’m not exaggerating! The excitement of being with him and the midnight viewing was gone as well. That was great and totally added to the experience the first time but had been maybe a little distracting from really seeing and enjoying the movie itself. My heart still raced with Edward’s first grand appearance onscreen, it was all very satisfying. And the things that bothered me the first time didn’t so much this time. My only complaint remains [and was even more heightened this time] Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Bella. Hopefully she will tone down the drama and play up Bella’s “goofy in love in the face of danger” attitude for New Moon.


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