> fLy awaY aLone

Sudden turn of events urged me travel again. I just feel that I need to breathe and be alone. Away from the mainstream, away from him.

I used to travel alone but has not been doing so for quite sometime already. Now that I’m shattered, I’m considering the thought.

Anyway, I don’t want to make my usual readers to be bored by all-about-him-entries so I’ll try to make sense here.

It has always been in our culture as Filipinos that traveling is always declared as a group activity. Most or shall I say, many of us would often go out of town together with friends or family members.

But, how many has actually traveled alone? I doubt if anyone will raise hands here.

Unknown to many, traveling solo has its perks too. It was through journeying alone that I was able to develop my skills in communicating with the strangers. I get to know a lot of people. I was able to appreciate local history more. I have met a lot of people.

Traveling alone is a very liberating experience for me. Imagine, I don’t have to wait for friends at the airport for an extra minute before queuing at the check in counter. I dont have to worry extra budget in case my friends would ask to dine in an upscale restaurant, or take a taxi instead of the usual jeepney ride. I can go to any place that I want. What if my friends love to go to the park, while I want to visit a local museum? Hard, isn’t it? Traveling with friends always limit your choices of itinerary. Not to mention limiting the foods that your going to binge in. I love seafoods, but my friend is allergic to crustaceans. While my other friend is a vegetarian?

The pace of your traveling activity is not a problem when you are alone. You can set your pace if you want to tour quick, or walk slowly, just like in the park.

I myself love traveling alone. It gives me the freedom to explore a city without the need to tow friends who are not interested in what I’m doing.

It was our plan [forgive me] to travel together this December but I’m not seeing that happening now. It hurts me big time when the thought comes to mind. I’m still in denial. I haven’t cried yet and I don’t wish to. I know I will soon and I hate it.

Going back, so if I were to choose between traveling with a group or traveling alone, I’d still prefer the latter. The adventures are limitless. Who knows what happens next?

Yeah, who knows?




  1. kaya mo yan!!!
    go go go
    gusto mo sama mo kme ni evette
    hayyyyy hehehe muah!

  2. hahahaha… may kasalanan pa yang evette na yan sa akin!

  3. where do you travel dude? I can’t find any travel photos of yours?

  4. you seem to be very much affected by my blog entries..? anyway, am i sensing something here? if you intend to just bitch around maybe you can help yourself by learning what this blog is really all about.. wouldnt hurt to at least use that lil thingy in between you ears.. and please, stop hiding..

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