> inGrown anyOne?


If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail that got infected, you know how painful I’m feeling now. Some people are more prone to having ingrown nails than others and it can become quite a problem. I already had 2 operations because of this. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that can be done for this other than actually removing the nail.

I had this problem on the big toe of both feet. In one urgent care clinic, the doctor tried to remove part of the toenail on one foot and the whole experience was horrendously painful – and unsuccessful. After some incompetent treatment, I finally got to see a podiatrist who removed both toe’s nails and has never had a problem since.

When the nail is removed, some podiatrists and surgeons remove only part of it, the part that edges along each side and part of the matrix [root], while others remove the whole nail and root. The problem with removing the whole nail and root is that the toe bed no longer has the nail for protection.

The most painful part? Anaesthesia wears off even before the whole process is finished. Geee, I can’t imagine the pain I have to go through again. I hope it won’t be that bad. Please don’t. Huhuhu.

I still have 2 kulanis [lymph gland]  sa singit to think of. Talking about pain. Huhuhu.


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