> won’T hurT to saY sorrY

Last night, a friend confided his problems to me. I saw his burden and how hurt he really is. I have lot of my own but I thought it wouldn’t be healthy if we’ll both put ourselves 6 feet under frustrations. They have been a good couple for quite sometime already but seems like the other one doesn’t even know how  to accept his mistakes or at least recognize one. I have witnessed it myself so I told him to talk to his guy and tell him how he feels about being always the one to say sorry. I know people who really couldn’t accept mistakes. I don’t know if they had placed themselves in high pedestals that they couldn’t reach it even themselves. I also have one from my department who wouldn’t even let you talk or explain things for clarifications. He would just raise his voice, talk like there’s no tomorrow or just storm out his way. [pangalanan na kung sino ‘yang mga ‘yan! har har har]

I don’t know what’s wrong with these kind people. One thing I have noticed, they have a problem about self image and being conceited.

“SORRY?” No way! It’s against my reputation. I’ve never said sorry to anyone and never will.”

 Do you think like this? or do you apologize for the mistake you have caused? In which category you belong to?

We all make mistakes and No one can get away without making mistakes. Sometimes, we make such mistakes that hurt others and we were unable to revert it. The only thing that is going to make you feel comfortable inside your heart is to make it up with a single word SORRY and you are sooner or later forgiven for your blunder. Love means having to say sorry. There is no big and small person to whom you say sorry.You won’t be humiliated if you say sorry for the mistake made by you… It will make your relationship with anyone long-lasting. Never hesitate to accept your mistake and apologize before the situation gets worst. Feel good, not bad to apologize.

So please, say sorry. You have to.


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  1. well there are lots of people naman na like that. Ma-PRIDE.
    Usually if they’re already like that eh you can’t change them.

    I know a lot of people who’s like that … all I have to do is to
    understand them. Basta maging forgiving ka na lang hahahaha.

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