> muTant cHronicLes

This entry has been on my draft page for quite sometime already. For some reason I really don’t understand, It remained unpublished. Good thing H asked me out last Sunday. So i’ll just post first the “draft” okay?

I love big action popcorn flicks. You know, movies where you go for two hours to unwind and forget about everything. I really dig good military and Sci Fi. Well, today I was browsing around and found a link to an independent film entitled Mutant Chronicles. When I saw the title, I thought, “Great…another mutant and/or walking dead horror film.” I don’t really love horror films but maybe this one could pass. Well, I visited the link out of curiosity and waited for the train wreck. Oh my. Not what I expected.

This one is a combination of Sci Fi and military! The beginning looks like a WWI film. No really, trench warfare and those little round hats. We later see flying ships and huge steampunk looking guns. So who are the stars? Thomas Jane from the first Punisher film and Hell Boy himself, Ron Pearlman. Of course some of you probably know him by his more famous role from Quest for Fire [yeah, right]. This one has all the makings of one great flick. Not sure when it will be released but will be keeping an eye on it. Use the link below to see the entire glorious trailer. I’m telling you folks, this one looks good. What do you think? Leave us your comments on the trailer and don’t hold back the conjectures!

I don’t know if it was because I was so tired and sleepy but I really just slept the whole time. H was so pissed that he was left alone watching it a I snored to great heavens. So sweet of him that he bought a pirated DVD for me to watch so that I’ll have something to write here. I might try to write a review but I don’t think it I’ll be giving it a passing grade. He didn’t like it though.


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