> yaYa, you’re such a Loser!!!

Are you a little edgy these days? Do you worry so much about everything and anything? Do you feel that you look older than your age? Well, I guess it’s about time that you take my best prescription so far…LAUGHTER! Don’t be a loser. Yes, you read it right. Still, laughter is the best medicine. Do you know that when you frown, you are actually giving our dermatologist a problem and job as well?

Just a desperate try to make this entry sensible or at least helpful for you readers[*wink]. An aging face is characterized by both wrinkling and sagging. In order to have a more youthful appearance many times we turn to the cosmetic surgeon to correct the sagging aspects of the face. We also look to other invasive procedures for the wrinkling aspect such as laser resurfacing, deep acid peels and Botox injections. As we are all aware, these aggressive procedures carry risks. Also, they can often leave us with an unnatural appearance. So there, I’m pretty sure that as much as possible you would not want to look older than your age and you would not want to spend if you can actually avoid spending. I bet that you would do anything just to preserve your youthful look. Before you go into that stage, why not try the immediate remedy first.

Kaya ako, I make it sure I’ll be with people who enjoy life and know how such should be lived positively. I was with Abhi, Gay, Kelly, Alma and Nina earlier for our regular lunch out. We went to Strata and of course had numerous LAUGHS!

We also have this new “expression” that will grace our YM stats later – “You’re such a loser Yaya. However, however..” as quoted from Ogie Alcasid and Michael V’s Bubble Gang skit. This is a guilty pleasure–watching Yaya [Michael V.] and Angelina [Ogie Alcasid] outdoing each other is just damn funny. The duo is so at ease at each other, and the role that they are in. It looks very natural [a good indicator of a good comedian]. Ogie is fantastic as the bitchy, spoiled brat who always makes life miserable for Michael V, being an uneducated, promdi yaya. If you got the chance, watch it. Just forget political undertones and correctness for a while.

So guys, avoid stressing yourself or being paranoid because people may take advantage of that. Avoid frowning too much and avoid those people who make you frown and down. Laugh when you feel like laughing. It will bring delight to your heart and your looks as well. Remember that when you laugh, the whole world laughs at you. But when you cry, you cry alone. Stay beautiful and healthy.


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