> jOurneY to The cenTer

Journey to the Center of the Earth is definitely a “pambata” film, but don’t let that put you off because it’s quite enjoyable. Just don’t expect too much and let the child in you to come out. Jc, Ralf, Kiko and I enjoyed it. I wasn’t that bothered about seeing the film itself. I was more interested to see the 3D stuff in action. We originally planned to watch it’s 3D version at MOA. Unfortunately, Kiko found out they were only showing the 2D version so we thought Megamall wont be bad, I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

It’s not overloaded with story. It’s like Disney World meets The Mummy, but even without the 3D effects it was fun. I’m guessing with the 3D stuff it will be quite cool. I’m not sure I can be bothered to go again and see the 3D version, so if anyone goes to see it, please tell me what the visuals were like…

Brendan FraserR has gone subterranean for his newest popcorn offering and, frankly, can you blame him? After chasing down the undead in Egypt, Morocco and, coming soon — just in time for the Olympics — China [with “The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon”], it’s probably nice to go someplace where you don’t need to slather on the sunblock and compete with hordes of scene-grubbing extras.

You would have to look deep under the lava rock to find any bit players lurking in “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” which qualifies as one of the most underpopulated science-fiction opuses since “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Geared toward kids of an age group more conversant with Dr. Seuss than Jules Verne, this rambunctious and ridiculous 3-D version seems intent on curtailing the actorly histrionics in favor of reptilian creatures that thwack, rubber-band style, in our faces.

Like any conscientious movie critic, I do what I can to avoid clichés, and since I am only human I don’t always succeed. But I have long vowed never to stoop to what I regard as the lowest kind of hackery, which is to describe a motion picture as a thrill ride, a heckofa ride or any other kind of ride. So what am I supposed to do about “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” a new movie that shares its name with a beloved Jules Verne novel, copies of which occasionally appear on screen? On their way to the titular destination, the three main characters — a geologist [Brendan Fraser], his young nephew [Josh Hutcherson] and an Icelandic mountain guide [Anita Briem) — speed down steeply inclined tracks in wheeled cars, ]rather like a roller coaster. A bit later, as they fly through the subterranean air, one of them predicts that they will descend into something “just like a water slide.” Near the end, after they have parasailed, fled from beasts and surfed on magnetic rocks, they whiz down a green hillside on a sled improvised from the jawbone of a dinosaur.The movie had a happy ending pero ako kelangan pa dumiretso sa opisina at magtrabaho. Whew! talking about sad ending.


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