> pasTa & desPeraTion

I have all been pressured by the sudden turns of events for these past days. Even people from work noticed it.  I was angry, pissed and wanted to kick someone’s face at gunpoint. After our agreement, our new landlady has gone MIA [missing in action]. All our stuffs were packed and ready. I tried sending her SMS and calling her but she was not responding. We’re supposed to move in to the new place today but that big-fat-ass-bitchy-landlady just informed us the other day that she cannot allow us to take the new apartment because of some shitty excuses which we know just came from senseless gossips of our current landlady.

We have spent the last 2 days looking for another place. Each one of us had different designations as we conducted our scouting. My sisters already cried out of desperation and that’s one thing I cannot take. These times I could have gone Rambo but thanks to friends who kept on reminding me to be calm. I’m ultra sensitive when my family is involved. Of all people, not my family please…

Anyway, I won’t be writing so much of that as it may ruin my day. I’ll write about that next time nalang.  Here’s the lighter and hearty side of my day.

I had pasta! It’s been ages I tasted a home cooked pasta!


Pero puta**-in* talaga ‘yong mga taong ‘yon!


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