> hiaTus ng konTi

I’ll be in Baguio for the weekends and then I’ll be watching Cinemalaya films on Monday [UP] so there might be a break in blogging over the next few days. I’m taking my laptop, so I might get a sneaky post [pray that I’ll be tamad and focus on taking pictures]. There will definitely be a post on Monday. Anyway just so people won’t be looking for me when I go quiet for a bit especially considering my mental state [paranoia – it’s not deadly so no worries] and the ludicrous amount of posts I’ve been doing over the past few days [sorry BID for flooding]. Have a fun weekend all. See yah again!


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> aBi’s waLLpapEr

I already have a truckload of requests… So here’s another one. Another stride before I reach the summit. Whew!

Just be patient guys. I’ll be doing yours anytime soon. [hehehehe]

> shEmagH scarF

When the day environment suggests a not so good time, when people around you makes a big poop out of whatever you said just to free themselves from the guilt of being the initiator of such thought, if a friend starts to be unfriendly, if everything just don’t turns out right, I tend to divert my attention to reading.

Sometimes I’ll be reading the news and come across something so utterly fucking retarded that it makes my blood come to an immediate boil.

Get this, apparently Rachael Ray [Who’s Sicilian and not at all Muslim and/or a Terrorist as Wikipedia so kindly informs me] has had her Dunkin Donuts ad pulled from TV because apparently she’s endorsing Hamas in it by wearing a scarf, which is actually a super secret way of saying that she hearts Osama. Now, normally I cheer when an ad is pulled because it amuses me greatly to see stuff like that happen. I like seeing shills fail, and I especially like seeing ads fail. However, the reason behind the pull is such bullshit that it actually sapped out all the joy I might have felt from this.

In the ad, Ray is wearing a Keffiyeh. It’s the white thing around her neck for the uninitiated. When we had our Puerto Galera

FOX News says it symbolizes Palestinian Terrorists. Actually… No. It symbolizes a hat. That’s all. That some terrorists choose to wear it doesn’t make it a symbol. Most actually don’t even wear the fucking thing, they tend to favor Balaclavas with a bandanna over it, not Keffiyehs. So ski masks are bad too? Bandannas are out?

Can’t wear a beret because people might thing I’m supporting Che Gueverra, can’t wear a Kepi because that’s too much like Charles De Gaulle, can’t wear a military cap like Fidel Castro because I’d be pro Communist, can’t wear a cowboy hat because then I’m a redneck, can’t wear a Confederate Flag baseball cap because everyone would think I like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Shit people, The next time I wake up, I don’t have anything to wear anymore.

What’s next? Get offended at Toyota pickups and AK-47s because terrorists use them? Old Toyota trucks are the number one choice in transportation for ragtag armies; and the AK has murdered more American soldiers than any other weapon since the beginning of time. I don’t see anyone banning their importation.

The most absolutely surreal thing about this though, is that even the US who has put a great fight to those known to be wearing that also uses the fucking keffiyeh. They call it a Shemagh. The Navy SEALS, the British SAS and other special forces people wear it all the time.

Think THEY’RE supporting Palestine by wearing it? I don’t think so. I also don’t think Michele Malkin, the pundit who started the whole fucking thing, would have the balls to suggest it. Ray was just an easy target that she used to make a non existent point about nothing. What a fucking idiot. It’s not enough that brave men like the SEALS have to constantly worry about being killed by the enemy, now they have to worry that they may have to use sub-standard face protection against sand because some dumb cunt at FOX couldn’t keep her mouth shut and very consciously tried to create a moral panic about Arabic head covering.

Oh, and now I hear that Ray was only wearing an ordinary scarf all along. Which is an understandable mistake on behalf of the people who bitched, considering that a keffiyeh/shemagh IS JUST A FUCKING SCARF TOO!!!

Didn’t they know that almost all of the Badings who flooded Puerto Galera last Holy Week wore that? Can you imagine Bading Terrorists? Hard!

Face sa kanaaannn na!

Face sa kaliwaaa na!


What a made up, bullshit controversy. Some people deserve to be repeatedly punched in the ovaries for wasting the valuable time I could have spent looking at internet porn with these moronisms.

> haraNa ni vaN

You know what made my day after almost only 2 hours of sleep?

> abHi and juLie’s waLLpapeR


You’ve seen me post Gay’s wallpaper here. I recently made one for Abhi and Julie. Here.

> MRT struggLe and a priCey resTo

Nates: 29-Jul-2008 5:06pm
Wer u? I’m with rain. Kape kami. Wanna join us?

That started it all. I haven’t got enough sleep yet but still, I pushed myself to go. With few bills in my pocket, I thought of stuffing myself first before I left the house. When I asked our Yaya what’s for dinner… “Wala pa Kuya, di pa ko nagluluto. May rice diyan at may spanish sardines sa may oven.” And then I thought “Hmm, ayaw ko ng sardinas ngayon” not expecting that I’ll be like one in few minutes time.

Paranoia strikes – “Naku baka isipin ng magbabasa, nagiinarte na naman ako. Ayoko lang muna ngayon ng sardinas. Pede na ba iyon?” I feel sorry for the poor sardine though; his life was cut short when he was caught and then stuffed into a can, never to swim again in the deep blue sea.

At least he had one advantage; he sure as hell was not in an elbow fight to get into that can.

The MRT has often been likened to a sardine can, with people stuffing themselves into a confined space in a desperate bid to beat the dreaded rush hour EDSA traffic. I am no stranger to the MRT, but today I had the singular experience of being carried into the MRT by a wave of crazed flesh vying for a comfortable place in the train.

I didn’t even have to walk; everybody was pushing and shoving as if the world was ending and that was the last ride to a better place. Hands and elbows and knees and toes were everywhere as people came in from all sides trying to fit into the small aperture offered by the train’s sliding doors.

It was all I could do to stop from screaming at the barbarians at the gates. A bomb threat right there and then would have landed me in jail for violating the HSA, but it would be well worth the satisfaction of seeing the frenzied crowd run and duck for cover.

It’s another annoying example of Filipinos’ tendency -obsession- to be the first in everything. It would be nice if that drove our people to excel in everything, but the unfortunate end result is a people that would choose to flirt with danger rather than wait a few minutes in line, or queue up in an orderly fashion, or wait their turn to cross, or stay in one road lane, or -you get the picture.

The sheer lack of discipline so prevalent in our society is extremely frustrating. We were talking about Singapore in class this morning, and I can’t help but wonder how much better this country could have been if a person the likes of Lee Kuan Yew held office at Malacanang.

Getting out of the train was just the opposite of getting in. I had to push my way out of the sea of bodies that just wouldn’t budge even to my repeated cries of “excuse me”. At the door was another wave of people jostling and pushing and shoving to get in, effectively hampering my exit.

I felt so bruised, all sweaty and stinky. Needless to say, I was already in a very evil mood by the time I got down to North Avenue Station station. The woman who cut into my line sure as hell didn’t help matters!

I was holding myself from freaking out when I have to be back to our meeting place twice because of incorrect information.

What more? we had a hard time deciding where to eat because everything seemed jampacked or if not, the place wasn’t smoker friendly.

When we have found one place that is of perfect location, mahal naman mga presyo nila. It’s not really as pricey as going to exclusive restaurants but I just don’t think it’s reasonable enough. Hefty servings may have been the reason but the place isn’t that good. My apologies to Heaven and Eggs Restaurant.

I won’t write anything more about the restaurant. I’ll just be thankful I was with friends. They’ve been my friends since young. We’ve been classmates since Kinder to High School and still maintaining to hold our friendship. True people who know each other inside and out. People who can rightfully claim – Kilala kita Al.