> a sLumber

This weekend, all I want is a good rest.

See, there are people who tend to be more effective at work if they were placed under time constraints. Also, there are people who tend to be more efficient if their efforts will be remunerated. And there are individuals who perform at their maximum capacity if they were given enough rest. I am one of these individuals now. At least now. Thank you! I think I’m being normal now. It’s a NEW me.

On any given day, one is likely to perform effectively if he had enough rest before that. At least, that’s my case. I have to have sufficient sleep in order for me to do all daunting tasks the next day. Yes, gallons of brewed coffee might suffice as it worked for the OLD me, but the potency that sleeping is giving me now is very significant in my daily activities.

According to sleep scientists, one night of inadequate sleep can impair one’s reaction time and mental functioning, and chronic sleep deprivation can negatively impact one’s immune system and contribute to the development of a whole host of serious ailments.

Need I say more? So, I hereby suggest that we all should ditch our office problems and indulge ourselves in a good good slumber. For me? I’m spending it with Joanne, Mia, Cj and more!!! And I’m making it sure that I’ll be kissing my dark circles goodbye. I hope I’ll get well too! No office works. No office liars. No office eye sores. No office bitches.

P.S. On second thought, I want my Adobe Photoshop and internet access to come with me! hahaha!


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