> pooR mcDo serviCe

I’m a person who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. A walk in the park, isaw sa UP, DVD marathon and even drive thrus.

For months now, the McDonalds Greenhills Drive Thru doesn’t have a menu that drivers can peruse before giving their order. Oftentimes, your orders depend on your familiarity with the menu and the counter person’s verbal explanation. I have pointed this out already to the manager at least three times on different occasions during the past months but there has been no change.

Aside from that, last weekend, I ordered breakfast items that included coffee and pancakes. The counter person handed me the bulk of my order and said there were a couple of items still missing. My “company” stopped me from using my venom so I kept quiet which rarely happens.

When she came back, she was trying to hand me a cup of coffee and the containers for the pancakes’ syrup. I requested her to put them in a plastic bag, and she countered that she’ll give me the items as well as the plastic bag, implying that I should be the one to put the said items in the plastic bag myself. I contradicted her directive and demanded that she put the items and hand them to me when it’s properly arranged in the plastic bags.

I requested for the supervisor and pointed out the two incidents. The manager said she will speak with the persons concerned. I really hate poor services especially in these kind of establishment. I even remember one ocassion wherein I really blurted out “Ayusin mong trabaho mo ha!”

It was a good thing that I was with somebody that time. Mcdonalds personnel need to be reminded that the drive thru was created to add to the convenience of the consumers, supposedly ensuring that food will be given in a timely manner as well as bagged in such a way that will ensure easy handling and transportation.

The lack of a menu slows down the whole process, which, I’m very sure has a time limit; and the improper bagging could lead to accidents such as the infamous Mcdonalds case with the first degree burns suffered from a coffee spill from a drive thru incident.



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