> pLease don’T forgeT my uPside dowN

I go to gym. I minimize fat and calorie intake. I try as much as I can not to give in to my cravings but there’s one thing I cannot really avoid – ice cream!!! I love chocolate. To give me less of the ice cream and chocolate that I paid for just makes me furious, which I managed to control when I ordered a Brownie Temptation with Chocolate Chips Blizzard for take out for the first time.

It was a quick and short noticed Dairy Queen visit courtesy of my “new” [whatever that means. I’ll take time to write about that “new” guy. Anyway, I just felt shortchanged considering how I patronize their products. Their branches [gateway, trinoma, rob galle & glorrietta] are not even near my place so it takes real effort to have a DQ experience.

I was disconcerted when I noticed that the usually overflowing Blizzard was about a quarter inch short of the cup’s rim, which made me request the Dairy Queen server to add more, which he readily did.I was disturbed further when he didn’t do the customary upside down move, but perfunctorily gave me the covered cup.

Afterwards I conferred with a DQ staff, who informed me of a very alarming procedure when I inquired about what they do when a client orders take out.

If the Dairy Queen client forgot to inform the cashier that it’s take out, then they suggest that the client eat part of the product so that the flat lid may be closed. If they know beforehand that it’s take out, then they deliberately lessen the product so there’s no difficulty with sealing the lid. And they do away with the upside down move completely when it’s take out.

These revelations were just too horrible, but I kept my temper in check and suggested two things:

  • Give customers the choice. Give the consumer the choice of what to do with the product when it’s take out. If the client chooses to eat or throw away part of the product in order to close the lid, then that’s his choice, not theirs. Don’t take that choice away from the consumer.
  • Please reinstate the Upside Down Move The upside down move is a trademark of Dairy Queen. They shouldn’t take it away just because it’s take out.

And, as I pointed out, my Brownie Temptation with Chocolate Chips Blizzard should be free, because that’s what it says on their sign, ‘Served Upside Down or it’s Free.’ [The same thing happened to my friend when I asked her to buy take out for me, and the server also didn’t do the upside down move].

So now, to avoid my Blizzard being reduced, what I do is to give the order without informing them of my intentions. After they do the customary upside down move, I request for a lid and a plastic bag.

I polish off part of the Dairy Queen Blizzard and close the lid myself. Very minor inconveniences when it concerns ice cream and chocolate but what can I do? And of all things… please, not my ice cream.


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