> kiDs don’T Lie

My nephew – Francis who just came back from our province impresses us with his fast absorption of new information. Aside from his being so malambing one moment and stubborn on the other, he’s really playful. One of the games that we play is asking for the sounds of different animals.

Sweet natured, the young boy would answer whenever they requested for a particular animal. An appeal for a snake would elicit the sound, “Ssss…”, dog’s will be “aw!..aw!”, cat’s – “meow-meow”, a plea for the monkey sound would generate an, “Unga-unga!”

When my sister mentioned his lola, it triggered a coughing fit. Concerned, we rushed over, only to find him beatifically smiling at us.

Then we realized that he was just mimicking how his lola usually sounded — with a cough.



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