> cHarice at David Foster and Friends’ conCerT

Our very own Filipino singing sensation Charice Pempengco starred with Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, Katherine McPhee, Michael Johns, Babyface, Michael Buble, Brian McKnight and John Mayer in a concert tribute to songwriter David Foster on May 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The concert highlighted the luminous career of Foster, one of the music industry’s most celebrated producers. He was honored by a historic one-night-only live concert, David Foster and Friends.

Charice got two standing ovations after she sang “I Will Always Love You” and “And I Am Telling You.”

“Tonight, a star is born!” David Foster exclaimed when Charice Pempengo wowed a 10,000-strong audience. She was the only performer to get a standing ovation, in fact – two!

Oprah called Foster to get Charice on his show. The 16-year old from Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines appeared on the Oprah Show, and she was clearly impressed. Well, a good thing Foster accommodated Oprah, too! 

If Groban is one of Foster’s most renowned discoveries, this night truly belonged to a newer one, doe-eyed 16-year-old Filipino belter Charice, whose voice is like a jetliner taking off from her sternum.

She turned in a stunning rendition of the Whitney Houston-by-way-of-Dolly Parton hit I Will Always Love You, singing with such power and poise, it was hard to believe that she wasn’t even yet alive when the song originally became a hit on The Bodyguard soundtrack in 1992.

“Tonight, a star is born,” Foster gushed after her brief set, another grand sentiment from a man defined by them.


> charIce’s Post shOw coMmenTs

> anoTher cHarice as she was feaTured in oPraH

> cHarice wiTh boceLLi, keYs, bubLe, grOban and the Likes?

I was just tidying up my station as I was ready to go home when I had the chance to check this from coconuters blog. I have been posting Charice’s videos here even before so I thought – I couldnt miss this. And so I posted.

> coConuter

> Jugo It!

I love food. I go to gym and somehow follow an eating plan [by Ed] but still coudn’t resist binge-ing even if it’s not Wednesday or Saturday [my legal binge day]. I love almost everything. From pasta, coffee, arroz caldo [the best one can be found at Abra de Ilog Pier], sopas ni Mama at Lola Alta. I love sandwiches. And it sucks that in a country where rice is a staple, there aren’t much sandwich bars around. I get most of my sandwiches from cafes. I am a loyal fan of Grilled Chicken Foccacia at Figaro and the Roast Chicken Chipotle at Coffee Bean. I have these sandwiches twice every week for my lunch or a heavy snack. So when I stumbled upon a new juice bar in Podium called Jugo Juice, I was absolutely thrilled to see that they served sandwiches and wraps that looked like those that I consume abroad. Jugo Juice is a smoothie bar, much like Fuzion. I don’t know if it’s a franchise or not, but the place was well designed and neat. There were sticker labels for their cups on display above the shelf.

I ordered the Jugo Classico [P135 for a small size]. I forgot the contents of the drink but I remembered it had strawberries and peaches plus 3 more fruits I think. My date got the Lemonade [P125] – who? [my “neighbor/bf” from Pureza].

He and I decided to share so we got two sandwiches, the Tuscany Wrap and the Chicken Caesar Sandwich. They were served in nice boxes, which you can easily take out. This is great for on-the-go people like me.

I loved their Chicken Caesar as it tasted like my favorite sandwich Chicken Mozarella that could be found in the sandwich bar beside Dairy Queen in the Singapore International Airport. I was so ecstatic, I wanted more.

The Tuscany actually didn’t taste like a Tuscan wrap, although it had a lot of tomatoes. It wasn’t as good as the Chicken Caesar, but good enough. The wrap was also toasted and flattened that it looked like a flat sandwich.

In any case, I am still happy that more and more sandwich bars are mushrooming. I don’t like Fuzion’s menu so much, so Jugo Juice is most welcome in my list.

Jugo Juice is located at the Ground Floor of the Podium in Ortigas Center. It replaced Goodies and Sweets.

> Capones Adventure

I decided to make a separate post of this adventure as it deserves a limelight of its own. Capones Island is really a sight to behold. Contrary to what I’ve read in my research, the sea was not that wild and rough so it was so funny that the other boat where our hunks were riding  had life vests on during the entire boat ride [our boat with Mia, Joanne, Ivan and I didn’t have any].

We opted to go to Capones Island earlier as it was said to be more difficult to reach especially during high tide. It was a very enjoyable boat ride. I was screaming like hell. Thirty minutes later, we arrived at its shore to experience the famous lighthouse for which it is known for. The stair trail was steepy and really high. We passed through thick grasses and trees and soon enough, we finally got to Capones Island Lighthouse.

The Faro de Punta Capones on the Island of Grand Capon, simply known now as the Capones Island Lighthouse, was built in 1886 and became operational in 1890. Despite its old age, the lighthouse is still operational and is currently powered by solar cells under the maintenance and supervision of the Philippine Coast Guard.

After taking photos of the lighthouse, we went inside and tried to go up to where the light was. There was a creepy feeling as we roam and check the place. The walls were too thick, the stair way was creaking with every step we made, the echo of our voices gave a shrill to our body and the height freightened me too. More pictures were taken then we decide to call it a day.we decided to leave the lighthouse for fear that the beach might be impassable should the tides go higher.

The trek back was just as difficult, but we were able to maneuver our steps better among the rocks and corals along the beach. We went inside the tall, wild grasses again and came out with lesser scratches. Exhausted from the trek, we rested first under a cliff’s shade, while the others check a group of photographers doing photoshoot.

We then headed back to Pundaquit Beach. As expected it was a very enjoyable boat ride. Basically, everything was done in a leisurely manner. We left the island and were back in the resort in no time. We readied ourselves for the long journey home… Back to reality.