> pLato anyOne?

Was browsing on my emails and came across this..

Made me wonder… magaling ba akong tindero ng plato?

To: customer_service@iPrint.com

Dear Al,

I received my plate on Friday.ÿ It came out beautifully!ÿ Thank you very much.ÿ
Janine Tegu

customer_service@iPrint.com wrote:

Dear Janine,

Thank you for your positive feedback about iPrint! I really appreciate the time you took to send us your comments and I enjoy sharing these with other employees at iPrint. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

In response to your question,  although we have a system that checks resolution of uploaded graphics, I DO NOT guarantee this. That is why we have the iPrint Design Studio allows you to view and proof your product throughout the design process. We strongly encourage our customers to check the spelling, fonts, colors, placement of graphics and text, as well as the
size of graphics and text, prior to placing their order.

We do our best to display your designs onscreen as they will appear when printed. However, screen resolution preference settings vary from user to user and as such the apparent size of a design as displayed may not match the true product size. This is because high resolution screen setting appear smaller than actual size and low resolution setting appear larger.
To avoid any confusion related to your screen resolution settings, we recommend that you proof your design at 100 percent magnification and print a proof from your browser.  To do this, use the “Print Proof” link while in the Design Studio and make sure that your design (using the Zoom function) is displayed at 100-percent (normal size). The printed proof will be an accurately sized representation of the final printed product.

When proofing colors, please note that computer monitors vary. So depending on your monitor’s settings, the colors represented on your screen may differ slightly from the colors on your printed product.

And also for your suggestions, we would be looking into these and consider them for our FUTURE FEATURES. We are really thankful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further comments, questions, or concerns.  In order to better serve you, please respond by clicking on the “Reply” button.

Al C.
Customer Support Representative

jbfarmfolk@verizon.net wrote:

To: Feedback@iPrint.comWell – it took me a few days of going back and forth with your on-line customer service person – Al C – to feel confident to place an order for a porcelain plate.  He was very patient and even answered questions on the w/e.

I just placed the order.  I’m very curious and excited to see how the plate comes out.  I checked out alot of places on the internet (before finding your company)- but couldn’t find many companies that did this (or went just simply taking a photo and gluing it on the dish).

I’m also someone to whom coworkers and friends turn to for ideas for turning photos into presents.  So it will be very cool to show them my  plate.

I do have one more question:  If the plate looks awful on your end – do you contact the customer to tell them so?

And, just to reiterate my suggestions to Al C:  a demo video on your web site on how to place an order for plates and how to manipulate the edit features would actually encourage people to try it out and I think a bigger plate with a bigger center – would provide another choice to a customer..

Looking forward to my first plate.  Regards, Janine Tegu


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