> mS. gaY 2008?

I gave up on my manners sometime ago. It is as annoying as it is distressing trying to be respectful to people, when most of them do not even have the common courtesy to address you with the same salutational treatment. I find that the more I try to be assertive, if not a little tactless or snobbish, the more people try to pay attention and give me some sort of deference, no matter how hollow. At times, I could have cared less.

I grew up in a catholic school; church, prayer, and hospitality were part of our curriculum. Transitively, it became a part of me. Despite bashing on how strict nuns and priests were, how tiring it was to stand up and pray every class subject, every recess, every first fridays, and practically every Sunday, I came to appreciate the sense of indulgence and compassion the school instilled upon me, my friends, and every impressionable student. We didn’t know it at the time, but I’m grateful to learn that these values still influence us in some ways, even as adults.

It was a refreshing change when yesterday, someone I know tried to tell me to stop cursing. I know I shouldn’t, I know it’s improper. Sometimes, when you hang out with rotten apples enough, you cant help but pick up some vile. It’s nice that, despite the status quo on social conduct, some people did not outlive their parents’ proper upbringing.

It would be nice to say ‘how are you’ to someone, not as a conversation filler, but in earnest. It would be nice to address someone as ‘sir’,’miss’ or ‘ma’am’, or say ‘good day to you’ and mean it. Perhaps I should try that tomorrow. For a change. Some people certainly deserve it.

But wait! My manager’s name is Gay… what will I do?  ‘Hi Ms. Gay’?… Trust me, I always have problem addressing her.


> stOp the chasTe

I don’t know if I’m wrong but I have my own reasons to believe and live with my own preferences.

I’m the type of person who’s not fond of texting. I cruise the web to meet and mate. I despise those who after exchanging numbers, will be texting me forever with quotable quotes, forwarded messages or if HE [as always] chose to converse will be asking so much of personal stuffs. I mean, come on… let’s not be stupid. We know where and what the place we shared digits. Stop the qualms for YOUR sake!…

When strangers meet, they don’t normally talk about forever. The most they will do is go over the perfunctory hellos and how-do-you-dos with as much emotion as ritualized introductions allow. They don’t have an inkling that, later on, they will stain the sheets with sweat, saliva, and other fluids of passion, and by the time it happens, they will have tied more knots than they could ever hope to untie in one lifetime.

I know it’s very Brian of QAF but that’s me.

> neeD I say morE?

> haTe you!

Being a person who thinks about words quite a bit, I tend to get annoyed by them when they are used in tired expressions. Here are five sayings I hear alot that drive me nuts and what I’m thinking as I hear them:

“At the end of the day”: Does this expression serve any purpose? What about at the beginning of the day or the middle of the day? Do those times of day not count? Wouldn’t whatever tripe came next make sense without “at the end of the day” leading into it?

“In regards to”: I don’t think I still need to explain. Please enlighten me with your view from earth, thank you very much.

“Pushing the envelope”: First of all, just because you do something the slightest bit differently than how you’ve always done it doesn’t mean you’re pushing the envelope. Second of all, why does pushing the envelope mean what it does? Why is pushing an envelope a radical thing? At least “outside the box” makes a little bit of sense.

“Okay guys we’re gonna… gonna… gonna…”: OMG! at WTF! Mukha ka na ngang Tiya Pusit nyologs ka pa magsalita! Ano ba naman yan!

“Making lemonade out of lemons”: Whenever I hear this expression, it seems to be in the context of a complaint. And if you’re complaining, are you really making lemonade, or are you just sucking on the lemons?

“All things being equal”: All things are never equal. You might as well just set up your statement with “With the earth being a cube…” or “All people being perfect individuals…”

For the record, I’m guilty of saying all of these things at one point or another, and never are they more annoying to me than when I hear them coming out of my own mouth.

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