> i’D raTher be mUm

I have no idea what I’m doing here. Heck, I have no idea about anything anymore! I feel so stressed out, so brain dead, I just want to sit still for the rest of my life. Come to think of it I have always thought of myself as someone incapable of sitting still for a really long time. And now, I want the time to do it more than anything else. I’d like to write about some things but MUM’s the word today or else Ron’s mind will be running crazy again.Anyway, here goes nothing…

dfgbhbdfvh rhtuhasdufoghf urhg rihg fihgo horhgori hirohtoirthorhtoh roirhtdfjbvzbsdgbasuoertjadnglisdbgf hgrghbz;selfjdhfgjkasdhf;ouehjncx,mvfk veoh hf uhughufhguhufhgnaberughufh;agkjnz.hdgouha rh ihari giahioh a ishoi aoi;h ;oiahe;ohgakjsbdguhou;rg oirh oih rgoi;hodfngj;naoir ior oiiorhgoihasdf irh p’ja’prt’jq wp9e’utna wiethioa gahiorhtnbjdnfjnjnjgfio ‘artuj ‘awujinasdjkgnioqwh3oi5hjnr girjtih iahiose;ht aifjigjrijijir iauw9e’th a jf ijiejtijrijijt; woeutihvcnb se fajsbdiopjhawe tobdv asdjgnjnafjgna;ei asd;ligj awoi4;tio vabwe jio ijgo;izjdcjgnahdgurhnadjgnjarg aihthihtr a wetiawjtijritjia t aisdhgsdf ijsdijia weugtguewut weutughrt asdoiyhuosfgajwngoihfv urgihr rgiuohsfdcmngvirotuohisdnvmzn.xdghjasdg asighn ewrhaoihwtjna ajsndjnfe fgrnjgnr awejntjngjnenfjwafdbns awejta.bdfg ajkdsgjakbgjs ajbgjbsd gajsdbgjdbgjbd aewjtbndsjgnjngd ebjgbjewb…

Woah! That felt GOOD!!!


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