> wriTing courAge

When I was in school I never got a lousy grade in English class but I could not boast that my creative writing assignments kicked butt. Even so, I pride myself on being able to think better with PE and logic [*hahaha]. And because my thinking is sporty and logical, I assumed I could pull off modestly intelligent pieces of writing in which ideas flow seamlessly but I never tried my hand.

Perhaps, I needed encouragement.

Now that I’m in a stressful world of callcenter, my association with him awoke inside me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive and to pursue the flow of my imagination in writing. And so I took a crack at free writing on this blog. Since my ex-writer-beau is an excellent, sharp-eyed editor, I suppose he reads my entries not merely for content but also for mechanics. Too bad he’s to away from me now or should I say making himself too away now? Sadly, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to craft a finished piece of writing without a glitch.

When I’m in the heat of writing, I am likely to make confusing shifts of person or verb tense as well as errors of sentence fragments and comma splices, etc.

Hopefully, my errors of grammar, punctuation and transition are not too obvious to distract my readers.

I’m just really glad this has been my emotional highway and loneliness’ FedEx. And one more, this blog has been my tranquility place. A place where cons and pros meet. As you can read from some comments made by my friends and somehow-enemies, I just feel so nice knowing that even those people who hate me read this. So it’s more of ENEMY = FAN now. Galing no? Ayaw nila sa’kin and yet may I basa sila blog koKatuwa lang. Peace people!

Then again, I’m upset and uninspired.


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  1. we love your writing skill! continue spreading the love.. inggit lang yang mga yan.. they dont know you like we do.. kelan mo lang ba sila nakasama? kami simula palang sa SVI.. basta live the christian spirit.. as long as you know yourself.. who can just judge?

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