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At any given week, there are these songs which just seem to find their way to my media player and end up getting played over and over again, until I eventually get tired of them and consciously refrain from listening to them for some time.

They’re not necessarily new. Some go way, way back while others are more contemporary, in some ways.

UMBRELLA [Mandy Moore version]
I just love it. The first time I heard the version was through KC Concepcion’s TV stint – “KC From Paris to Pinas”. Ther’s something the way she sings it. I feel someting hitting my spines. Who doesn’t?

While blog-hopping recently, I came upon this one where a media player was embedded in the blog page itself and which, went on to play some songs, I assume, that blog’s owner fancies. The first on the list there was this song. I already had a copy of this song in my PC. But somehow, it got lost among the thousands I have stored in the machine. And it was only through this recent encounter that the song got itself reintroduced to my eardrums. Anyway, it would be several days of this song constantly playing inside my head before I eventually decided to go look for it and play through my PC.

This one I heard while I came to a friend’s room one time. I also had listened to this song before, and also had a copy of it stored away. But to hear it from my officemate’s PC was somehow quite refreshing. Dishwalla’s other songs had been played so much in my PC that it came to a point when I suddenly stopped listening to them completely. After hearing this song though, it all came crawling back in a weird but nice kind of way.

MASAYA [Bamboo]
The band’s album itself has been on my most-played playlists recently. But hearing this particular song in the radio and watching its music video at the TV just made this one more appealing, I guess. [I wish they used a different name for the band though; somehow it feel’s like short of calling it Bamboo’s Band]

CALL AND ANSWER [Barenaked Ladies]
This one’s from the movie, EDTV [Matthew McConoughey/Jenna Elfman]. But I didn’t know this until recently, when I got to watch the music video for the first time. Anyway, I was not much of a fan of the band before. But this song changed my mind. Either that, or it’s simply this song alone.

KIND AND GENEROUS [Natalie Merchant]
“Na-na-na, na-na-na-na…” And so the song goes. The other day, before I switched off the television, a small-budget movie [made for television] was just starting at HBO. This song was its background music. I like Natalie Merchant — even since her days with 10,000 Maniacs. Her voice is just so… different [for lack of something profound to say]. I even bought her album [cassette tape only] just because I was looking for this particular song. Anyway, it’s nice to listen to.

I just have one person in mind everytime I hear this. I’m confused but I’m posting this anyway.


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