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I‘ve been tasked to do some of the layouts for our Christmas Party. I just hope everything will be fine.

This one is actually the supposed new graphic header of this blog. For some reason, I’m still having trouble uploading. I don’t know why. Not a part of the party layouts of course .

This would be the ticket for the party, for the food, drinks and entrance. Serves as the raffle stub too.

This would be the image that will be part of the stage design.

This is only the draft for the redcarpet background ala Awards Night.

This is one of the teasers for the party posted along the corridors of the office.



  1. sosyal! magkano bayad sayo sa racket na to ha? hehe.. joke, joke.. ang taray ng blog mo ha, parang duduguin utak ko.. buti na-impluwensyahan ako ni ate kaye to visit your blog.. i must say, impressive ha.. kaya lang te, tamad talaga ko magbasa eh.. sensya na.. na-caught lang talaga ng attention ko yung layouts for your xmas party.. i heard q.a. ka na daw? congrats! kami kaya kelan mapo-promote? waaahhh! take care! =)

  2. wahahaha.. you just gave me an idea.. kse pinagsasamantalahan lang nila kainosentehan ko eh [*pun intended].. libre lang yan, ako lang kse representative ng QA department for the committee.. miss ko na kayo diyan sobra ‘te…

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