> mayfieLd sesSion

I was wedged in one corner thinking aloud — a diversion a friend thought unhealthy. But as someone who always defends himself, I tried to explain that I was only listening to some music. We were inside Mayfield’s spending the night with San Mig Super dry, one ala-callboy-dancing guy from another table, chips, chicken na mala-Andoks and sisig — a good escape from the week-long drama as workaholics. There’s absolutely no room for silence, and that time, a halloween party just ended so a group of magkakabarkada-slash-kapitbahays were still partying the night away. Kulit nila.

[* bumPy dapat ‘yan, tamad lang ako mag-edit…]

It really feels good to be with people whom you can trust, make-kuwento and laugh your hearts out. With kate, mike [her super cool hubby], Ryan and Myah, inin-joy namin ang gabi. Sarap! daming kuwento, tawanan at okrayan.

I got home at around 3am, and went ahead to sleep.

A day before that, a friend celebrated her 21st birthday as friends and relatives from different directions flooded into her crib. Yet again, the night was spent with almost the same scenario as before, only that this time everyone looked dearly familiar and loved. With OneWorld friends in tow? Astig!

Thanks to Kate and Mike for inviting us over.


> beckY.. my becKy


> Let’s danCe

Have you ever danced inside an elevator? I’m doing it and enjoying it’s ecstasy with Gretch as my partner. Trip lang. Even if it’s crowded, I’ll play “Last Night” on my phone and then we will dance to the beat as if in a disco. The funny thing, we have these lines to quip : ” Hi, have we met in some place before?”, “Can I buy you a drink?”, “Can I ask you out?”, “Hi, I’m Al” and vice versa… to the amazement of everybody on board.
And I still do even alone, so long as it’s an elevator without a camera. I especially like to dance up until the very last second just before the doors open. It’s the thrill of almost getting caught dancing inside an elevator, alone.
Why do I dance solo? Maybe because I just want it *hehehe. As a kid of around 5, I was not confident with my body. Dancing in the dark was where I first started, behind the door leaf. During parties in Grades 1 to 3, I envied my other classmates who knew how to dance the swing; if you knew how to dance with a partner, you were an instant hit at the party. I never had the courage to learn how to be a dancing queen. By Grade 4, folk dances for school programs gave way to new wave; there was no need to lead a partner anymore. It was more about getting the steps and the movement right. I started dancing with myself when I got the time. I’d lock the door and dance to my heart’s content; I’d pretend I was performing solo on stage in front of an adoring audience.
During my earlier Malate days [back when it was smaller and more packed] I always wanted to dance on the ledge—I used to have the body to dance with my shirt off. So I contented myself with dancing the whole night away; it even became a matter of pride for me that I could dance non-stop for almost an hour, even more. Dancing became a way of expressing myself to a general audience. Even when someone would dance with me, it is often more about just matching his movements, not really a genuine give-and-take communication. I’d like to think that there are people like me; they dance alone. Still, I wanna dance with somebody. But I have yet to meet that someone who, if it were just the two of us in an elevator, would turn to me and say, “Let’s dance.” Party hard people!

> i haD foursoMe!

A very cute friend invited me for a foursome. It was a really good experience. How ’bout you try it too?
I’m compelled—not pressured, don’t worry—to go on all fours for him. Oooh!
• Smart Assistant [kabuwiset kse marami Japayuki Nanay’s na pa-party tapos akala mo kung sino, tapos kelangan ko mag-Ingles kse doon ako nka-assign]
• Helper [sa photoshop ng Tita ko]
• International Sales Representative [to simplify – call center agent *wink]
• Service Quality Analyst [still]
I don’t wanna explain why
• Titanic
• Tanging ina Mo
• Star Wars
• Superman Returns
• Heroes
• Sex in the City
• Everything National Geographic or Discovery
FOUR PLACES I HAVE BEEN ON VACATION [at least the memorable ones]
• Baguio
• Batangas [with highschool friends]
• SAGADA [with highschool friends
• Boracay & Hong Kong [alam ko lumampas but I just need to]
• Pasta!
• Sardines! [totoo ‘to]
• Barbeque!
• Fried Chicken!
• In my bed
• Mindoro
• Baguio
• In somebody’s arms pero I can’t allow it [secret!]
• Four MY sake! Bahala na kayo!

> TiT for taT

It saddens me when some people—gay and straight—believe that once a straight man has had sex with another man, then he cannot be considered straight anymore, that he has “turned gay” already. I’ve heard and read people express this idea, that once you “taste” your own gender you will become gay and the change is irreversible. Like getting bitten by a vampire. Worse, they say it with such a dismissive, negative tone.


Either they’re narrow-minded or they lack exposure to the diversity of reasons why people do what they do. Is it so inconceivable that a straight man will have sex with another man for reasons other than sexual attraction? Like perhaps financial desperation—in Filipino, “kapit sa patalim”? Or perhaps they do it with their gay manager as part of an “under-the-table” [or more like “under-the-sheets”] deal to get ahead in their career?

The human heart is capable of so many secrets, even to itself.If ever someone—like Robert Redford’s character in 1993’s Indecent Proposal—will offer me a million US dollars [!] to have sex with his wife, I will. Believe me. [Although why they’d offer me of all people, I have no idea, *hahaha] But here’s the thing: even if I have sex with a girl, that won’t make me straight believe me I’ve tried it.

How many gay men have married and had sex with women and conceived children, all for the sake of keeping up appearances?

So whenever straight male friends of mine kid me and tell me, “Ei, why don’t you try and have sex naman with a girl, just so you know what you’re missing? Malay mo, you might like it!” I always respond with, “Eto na lang________, why don’t you try and have sex with me naman [mas lalo na kung type ko yung guy, di ba?], just so you know what you’re missing? Malay mo, you might like it!”

Tit for tat. That always shuts them up.

> earPhone pLease

Gretch, Myah and some of my friends are also guilty about this rant but let me post it still. I just thought about this since we were issued new headsets for QA department last night.
I can understand the use of earphones. Sure, one can choose to use them to block out the world, but in general people use earphones so that they can enjoy whatever they’re listening to in private, without disturbing others around them.What’s funny is when the volume level is raised so loud that people in close proximity of the earphone-wearer can actually identify the song and maybe even sing-along to it. It kinda defeats the purpose of the earphones, right? I find especially embarrassing the following situation in a crowded elevator: everyone is minding their own personal space, keeping quiet and trying to make no unnecessary noise as possible… and here’s this one guy thinking he’s the only one listening to his music but actually everyone can hear the song blaring out of the small speakers.
What’s even funnier is when one realizes that the guy—this towering hulk of a man who looks like he can just pick me up with one hand and nonchalantly toss me out of the elevator just because he can—this, this… mammoth of a man is actually listening to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”
*Oh my.

> cHeap hurTs

I grew up listening to DWLS FM and used to just listen to Chico and Delamar at RX93.1 on my way to the office. I, Roan and a couple of guys I knew just love them dearly. Dian, a friend of mine and Bessy have heard my entries being played and read on air. It has been my secret thing to join their games and trivias before.
I know something’s wrong with me but I realized it’s just their banter that I enjoy; the rest I can skip. So I switched stations whenever the two fell silent, and that’s when I discovered Mo Twister’s show at 89.9WTM. There they were more talkative. But I noticed I could tolerate Mo’s schtik for only so long; after a while his put-on bravado was off-putting and grating to the ears [especially when he performs a tirade]. So again I looked for alternatives, and lo and behold, I discovered this classical music station. When Chico and Delamar weren’t talking and when Mo and Mojo weren’t funny, I’d listen to strings and wind instruments.
But then one morning I stumbled upon this particular radio duo: Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hiyala on 90.7 Love Radio. They are the morning “Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura.” They are hilarious. Nicole plays the baklang babae who says things like “Ka-lurkey!” and laughs at all her punchlines; Chris plays the straight man [literally too] in this comedy duo. He laughs along with Nicole at all her jokes. Sometimes they laugh at their own laughter. They have a particular schtik: they say things in unison, like one would say, “Based on…” and both of them will chime in, “…experience!” [that’s one of their favorite phrases].
After listening for three mornings I discovered that they aren’t on the whole morning; in fact, I think their tandem comes out in portions during the morning timeslot. Which is just as well, I guess; pakinggan mo sila ng tatlong oras, sasakit ang inyong tenga sa ingay at panga sa katatawa. I know this won’t last long and I’ll go back to my true love : RX93.1 but I just wanna enjoy the moment. Try it, then tell me why I said all these. Cheap hurts, at least the pain is on my panga, tiyan and puso lamang.