> cameRa addicTs

I get incredibly addicted to anything that’s new, and has a microchip in it. Especially if it has a lens as well… Besides, sitting at home with a cold, there ain’t much better to do than posting pictures taken almost everywhere [as evident of course on this blog site]…
To simply put it: this innovation has allowed us to capture the “best of things,” “the worst of things,” and “everything.”
Like any other technology, camera phones can be abused. But its power to capture fleeting moments is undeniable. At the same time, it is also the meanest invention that can break people’s hearts since it can easily invade privacy.
Video clips captured by today’s camera phone-toting crowd have varied from the mundane to the extraordinary. I remember one of my supervisors before capturing her bed moves [*hehehe] which made it’s way to almost everyones cellphone.
Remember how the video clip of Saddam Hussein’s hanging taken by one of the witnesses using his camera phone sparked controversy worldwide? The camera phone and the power it wields reminds me of the lesson Peter Parker learns as Spider-Man: “With great power comes great responsibility.”
But for us? With great pose comes great pictu-bility.


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