> i Love yOu pekYaw!

Earlier today, I went to Quiapo to have some of my phone pictures be printed. Bakettt walang trapikkk?? [*traffic jam] Nagulat talaga ako. Then I realized, botohan nga pala. Okay, sana lagi nalang botohan.

Did I ever mention that I love Manny Pacquiao? Oh yeah, like every other living and breathing Filipino. However, I love him for a totally non-romantic reason [*oh please Jinky, get real!]. I love Manny Pacquiao because he is the only person who can achieve what the MMDA has failed in. He can make all traffic jams disappear!
You see, I get to visit St. Joseph,Pasig everynow and then because my boy friend – Ryan Feliciano [yes! kami na ulit!] lives there. And even though if it’s a Sunday, the traffic is horrendous. And I am sure you have heard of this phenomenon called “traffic in Ortigas ext”. I have lived in Sta. Mesa area for quite sometime and I consider traffic jams normal but ‘yong sa kanila? astig! walang makakatalo! Wala ‘yong sa Lolo mo!

But on the day when millions awaited the result of the Pacquiao vs. Barrera boxing match, the whole country stood still. There were very few cars on the streets. There was little to none jeepneys cutting across the thoroughfares. No one waited under the pink MMDA waiting sheds. The usual 30 minutes it takes for me to drive home to boy friend’s house turned into 15 minutes. And my driver [*taxi] wasn’t even driving that fast.
I can only wish that Manny has a match every day. It might just solve the county’s traffic problems.
I love you Manny Pacquiao!! I love you Ryan!! [*wahahahaha]

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