> cHeap hurTs

I grew up listening to DWLS FM and used to just listen to Chico and Delamar at RX93.1 on my way to the office. I, Roan and a couple of guys I knew just love them dearly. Dian, a friend of mine and Bessy have heard my entries being played and read on air. It has been my secret thing to join their games and trivias before.
I know something’s wrong with me but I realized it’s just their banter that I enjoy; the rest I can skip. So I switched stations whenever the two fell silent, and that’s when I discovered Mo Twister’s show at 89.9WTM. There they were more talkative. But I noticed I could tolerate Mo’s schtik for only so long; after a while his put-on bravado was off-putting and grating to the ears [especially when he performs a tirade]. So again I looked for alternatives, and lo and behold, I discovered this classical music station. When Chico and Delamar weren’t talking and when Mo and Mojo weren’t funny, I’d listen to strings and wind instruments.
But then one morning I stumbled upon this particular radio duo: Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hiyala on 90.7 Love Radio. They are the morning “Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura.” They are hilarious. Nicole plays the baklang babae who says things like “Ka-lurkey!” and laughs at all her punchlines; Chris plays the straight man [literally too] in this comedy duo. He laughs along with Nicole at all her jokes. Sometimes they laugh at their own laughter. They have a particular schtik: they say things in unison, like one would say, “Based on…” and both of them will chime in, “…experience!” [that’s one of their favorite phrases].
After listening for three mornings I discovered that they aren’t on the whole morning; in fact, I think their tandem comes out in portions during the morning timeslot. Which is just as well, I guess; pakinggan mo sila ng tatlong oras, sasakit ang inyong tenga sa ingay at panga sa katatawa. I know this won’t last long and I’ll go back to my true love : RX93.1 but I just wanna enjoy the moment. Try it, then tell me why I said all these. Cheap hurts, at least the pain is on my panga, tiyan and puso lamang.

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