> eLevator sCene


> anoTher biTch encounTer

Ryan mentioned her name again. I dont want to hate her again. I just wanna forget her.
So, you know how Oprah did a segment on The Secret?

Okay, maybe you didn’t know that. Maybe you don’t watch Oprah. I mean, I don’t even watch Oprah all that often. I’m just getting off at work when it comes on and religiously programming it just seems kind of…well, lame.

The thing is, this whole business about positive thinking…well, when you have a negative thought creep in [i.e. this morning when you’re still groggy with sleep and it’s another Monday morning and all you can think is, “Is this my life?”] it’s easy to see how that snowballs.

The woman who sits next to me inside the FX is extremely negative. I don’t wish to listen but she talked too loud for everyone to cover their ears.
It’s kind of annoying.
I hate it when someone’s such a Debbie Downer.

Why can’t people just suck it up, you know? Just get on with your life, instead of whining ad nauseum about it all the time. I mean, you’re just asking to be punched in the face at that point.
I also find it annoying when people refuse to try things, but feel like it’s perfectly okay to bitch and moan about it. Like, how do you know something sucks until you’ve at least tried it out first, you know?


People are so fucking stupid sometimes.
Like this one person whose name popped out again, who for some unexplainable reasons enjoys bitching and shitting around.

Hello! It’s common courtesy to at least realize how your friends been good to you, and that they have your secrets so give them a head’s up at the very least. Like, what the hell? Were you raised by a pack of animals in the wild or something?

I hate Rien Adducul, I’m supposed to just forget about her and forgive her but her shittiness still roams like venom, ready to wear out anyone.

And well, there I got again with the bitching and moaning.
I swear to God I’m not this tedious in real life.

> happy burp-day candY!