> neW-fouNd frienDshiP

For quite sometime I have been writing incessantly about pain and my anguished heart. Probably because it’s easier to write when your lonesome. Words would just float in your head. But when your happy, there are no words to describe it.

But what I am really trying to get at is… I’m surviving.

I clearly remember these lines – People’s choices are pretty much affected by what media has to say. Our minds have been corrupted by the standards of media. It has also affected the way we choose our partner in life. We look for someone who has “long, black and silky hair”, healthy and buff, someone who’s rich, has a good career, and has a big name in society… all these and other superficial things that will eventually fade in time.

Because of these “substandard standards”, we have witnessed weak marriages, easily destroyed by problems and temptations. The most important thing in choosing a partner in life is to find someone that you can talk to, someone that you can communicate with.

I can think I can also say I’m quite blessed and should not complain so much. I’m enjoying my new found friends. I have Gretch, Myah, Nikki, Mikee and Ms. Kate from Academix. The past, present and future involving Ryan *tsalap tsalap. I’m totally over Rien’s kasamaan dahil na-evic na siya sa bahay ni Kuya *hehehe.

This moved me… bigtime…


> for posting

> spicY

The weather’s killing me, It’s been sizzling hot during the day, And then all the sudden it’s like Arctic at night. I need to figure something to warm myself up, Something yummy, something sour and spicy!

Here’s my resolution, sour and spicy group over food binge-ing.