> kasaBay ng e-heaDs ang barkaDa

I was browsing through friend’s blogpages and got inspired with one of the background music. An Original Pilipino Music entitled “San Na Nga Bang Barkada Ngayon”. Roan, used the same for a video made for our batch. This inspired me to look for pinoy mp3s on the web.

In my search, I came across the songs of Eraserheads and Rivermaya. I decided to download most of the songs I knew and listened. I didn’t realize how this could just bring back so many good memories from the not so distant past.

First I was listening to The Eraserheads’ tracks from its Ultra Electro Magnetic Pop Album [their very first]. I got this album when I was still in hayskul. My classmates, who was still trying to find their music identity at that time, also wanted this album and so we shared same moments of senti and kanta along our ways home. The tracks included songs like “Toyang”, “Pare Ko”,”Tindahan Ni Aling Nena”, and “Ligaya”.

We could sing along with the songs knowing the lyrics of each one of them since they were very easy to learn. Those were the best years I had bonding with my ka-baste98.

I’ve always loved the Pinoy alternative music especially the ones I grew up with. These were bands like The Eraserheads, Rivermaya, True Faith, Put3ska, *heck, even Yano, The Youth [remember Multong Bakla?], and that band who sang that psycho song “Lakas Tama”. Those were the Pinoy bands of my time. Club Dredd was the place to be for Pinoy rock and every claimed-to-be-punk in our class obliged to have the bar’s shirt, and that other rock band place somewhere near UST in España [Mayrics?].

I never went to both places and only heard them from my older guy cousins or titos who would go there and watch. Only them were allowed to go there.

I remember some of my girlfriends decided to go to a Pulp Magazine sponsored concert in Manila. They were surprised to find themselves being thrown in a the mosh pit but terribly enjoyed the whole experience. This was one of the things I didn’t experience in my youth. Being thrown in a mosh pit and crowd surfing. I would still want to do it for the thrill of it.

As I grow older, my taste for music has become more diverse and yet, I still feel like I’m home when I listen to OPM Rock.

Even now, everytime the baste98 meets, kantahan while toma sa tunog ng E-heads ang isa sa pinakamasaya. We have all developed this love and great friendship sa isa’t isa kasabay sa tunog ng gitara. Hanggang ngayon buong-buo pa rin kami. Malayo man ang iba, we know that the kapusong-Baste remains in our hearts.

Now, that IS an accomplishment.


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