> i’m tiRed of you EJ!

It has been going on for a month now. I can’t penetrate on my calls, can’t judge my contacts correctly, can’t say the correct words, rebuttals… Haaaaa!!! I’m just too tired. I feel like retiring.

What burdens me most is the fact that I don’t like some of the people I work with. Especially that damn Exorcist Ju-on! How dare him! Doesn’t he know that he look like QUASIMODO walang MODO?

Even if you love your work, there will be times when it no longer fills you with passion and energy. You feel emotionally exhausted and cynical. Your health suffers as stress mounts. You wonder whether you have the resources, internal or external, to meet your responsibilities.

Callcenter people like us are especially prone to burnout in this hyperconnected world. That damn headset’s always around, waiting with calls at the ready.

I know that burnout is as much about your dreams as it is about your work, because burnout is the gap between your expectations and your ability to meet them. But the thought of these people trying to be somebody, doing power trips and being that oh so panget all the while exhaust me. Punyeta!

Whew! I need a breather. I just need it please!


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