> staLLed careeR? invesT on buenaS…

It happens to most people. From time to time, you feel your career has run into a dead end. The same way just happened to me. I felt like I’m doing the same thing, saying the same words and breathing the same air. Good thing I was transferred to a new campaign.
I keep mouthing the same complains and whining over and over again. Trouble is, that can have a toxic effect and infect the organisation, or at least those who are working around you. People who feel their career has stalled can turn really negative. They pour cold water over everything, and they can end up bad mouthing everything and everyone. That makes it a big challenge not only for the employer but for the person feeling that the thrill has gone.
So what are the tell-tale signs?
Red flags include you doing the same thing you were doing three years ago, not investing anything in developing your skills over the last 12 months, not adding anything to your pocket for the last 18 months, dreading coming into work every Monday morning, and watching the best assignments getting farmed out to other people. Add to that a blog entry I did earlier this year on warning signs telling you when it’s time to chuck in your job.
Are there any other signs? Do you feel your career has stalled? What’s gone wrong? Besides quitting, is there any other way of fixing it and getting back on track?
One of the best advise I could probably give is developing good frienship on your workplace. Lucky me, I was given the chance to meet some whom you can really consider as “barkada” or should I say – my ka-buenas?

> Let’s do the baiLeys!!

I came from a group of “childhood friends” who usually enjoy late nights of okrayan, tawanan, kantahan and talunan over some alak and pulutan. In fact, my good friend – rOan enjoys taking pictures and even making videos of the inumans.
We’ve come a long way when it comes to the alaks we shared. From gin-pom, macho drink at Quattro’s, to SanMig light, super dry to Matador na tinatakal sa takip na tinuhog ng tinidor [*har har har!]. I don’t know but I somehow fancied the works aside from my secret surreal wish of being barista.While I was doing some picture layouts on Ate Erlynn’s, I came across one cool post about a somehow sosi inumingaling niya and so I thought of posting it.
Boracay daw daw tawag dito sabi ni Ate.
Ma-try nga.
Nakatikim ka na ba ng Baileys? Yung mahal na inumin na halos Php 400 yung isang 500ML na bote.
Yung lasang mocha na may konting pait ng alcohol na nakaka-adik inumin kung mahilig ka sa tsokolate.
Kung hindi pa, meron akong irererekomenda sa yo. Ito ang tinatawag na GATAKA, o GAtas, TAnduay, at KApe.
Sin-sarap ng Baileys pero di sing mahal.
At mas malakas pa ang tama nito!
Ang kakailanganin mo lamang ay ang mga ito:

– 1 condensed milk
– 3 Nescafe coffee sachet (yung pahaba na purong puro)
– 1 longneck Tanduay (pero mas recommend ko yung Generoso Brandy sa manamis-tamis nitong lasa)
– Tubig at Yelo pampa-neutralize ng lasa
Ihalo sa malaking pitsel.
Tantyahin nyo na lang kung gaano ka-tapang ang gusto nyong inumin.
Dagdagan ng tubig kung masyadong matapang.
Serve chilled and with cherry para mas sosi ang dating.
*Ayus diba?

> undeR the brighT moonLight

Evenings at the province are best spent outdoors… biking through the community, playing patintero, having a lot of daldalans with neighbors while grilling some meat or fishes, or just sitting on the beach on a friday. This is when magkakamag-anaks meet each other.
Same thing happened when Matt was still here in the Philippines. I, Bj and Matt grilled some beef for dinner at the same time munching grapes and Matt having a bottle of beer. The night went pretty hilarious when Ate Erlynn joined us. Whew! what a night to enjoy… It just doesn’t get much better.

> earWood famiLy

> i reaLized…

You know what I realized today?

I was going to complain about doctors and nurses wearing their scrubs out in public, but I realized I’d complained about that before. I wonder if I maybe complaining too much. It’s such a way of life with me now. And that’s not good, right? I mean, those are just steps away from becoming an ornery, crochety old woman that kids run away from.

I don’t know.

The last couple of days haven’t been good ones. You just wake up and it’s like you’re moving around in a fog, you know? It’s not so much that you’re having a bad day…just a day that seems pointless.

When C called yesterday, I didn’t even bother answering. I didn’t care who it was on the other end. I just pretended I didn’t hear the phone ringing because I just didn’t feel like talking to anybody — especially when people always seem to think something’s wrong just because you don’t feel like talking to anybody or doing anything or seeing anyone.

Some days, you just want to be left alone, you know?
Maybe it’s the depression kicking in again.
I even resorted to just taking pictures with my friends.

I think I need to go on vacation.

> for ouR desKtop

I‘ve been transferred to another program at last! [*whew! what a relief..]
I’ve long been requesting for that. And now I’ll be calling Academix Direct. A lead generation type wherein we call people who have plans of pursing college. We then provide 3 universities that have matched their criteria.

I just love the fact that I’m into something new. I wont be selling internet advertising, telephone subscription nor pushing for natural gas anymore. We’ll just be verifying informations and then refer them to US universities and Colleges. A li’l bit of this, that and a lot of chit chat!

And more thing, I have Gretch , Myah, Ms. Diana too!
What more can I ask for?

> preTend thaT he’s gonE

Dreamt about [let’s call him] C last night — which bothers me because I hadn’t thought about him in a really long time.

You know when you start feeling like you’re in a good place and that you’ve actually started to move on, but then you find yourself thinking about someone you just wish you could erase from your memory… sort of like what Jim Carrey tried to do in “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”.

Sometimes, I think that if I could completely erase C from my mind, I would. But that was before — before, when I used to wish he’d get an STD or that his career would fall apart or that he’d just do me a favour and fucking leave Manila, you know?

It’s weird how bitterness can just turn you into this horrible kind of person, you know? You get so stuck in feeling bad.

I once read, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

No shit.

That’s exactly how I was living.

But now? Yeah, the dream kind of shook me up, but I can see now that maybe I should be glad that things turned out the way that they did. Who’d want to be with a horrible person who didn’t recognize your worth, anyway? If you were still with that person, you’d never be open and available to meet the person you’re supposed to be with.

That sort of thing.

If I had to see him now, I don’t think I’d even have the energy to say anything to him. I’d rather we just both pretended the other didn’t exist anymore.

Sometimes, pretending just makes it easier.