> am i naZi?

You know how on Grey’s, they call Bailey “The Nazi” behind her back? [And just an aside here, but how great was Chandra Wilson’s acceptance speech at the SAG awards? It actually made me tear up a little!]
Don’t you sort of feel like the term “Nazi” has started to take on a different meaning altogether? Like, we’ll call anybody who’s anal, uptight and blunt and harsh-sounding a “Nazi”…which I think is really stupid.And why is it that, if you’re super organized and meticulous and detailed, you get called “anal”? Like it’s a negative thing.
You know what I really hate?
I hear myself saying things like, “Yeah, I’m a little anal” in a self-deprecating way, as if admitting it upfront makes it seem less bad. Why do I even think it’s bad in the first place? I like the fact that I’m organized and thorough and meticulous and on top of things. I think of it as stepping up when so many people like to fall back and defer to others, instead of having an opinion, voicing their opinion, and just getting their act together.
It’s all just so stupid.
Good thing Roan and I got hooked sa Grey’s Anatomy na yan.

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