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Baste ’98 loves videoke. I myself do. I may shy away from being handed the mic but seeing my friends while I do my humming part sets up the mood. Everyone loves their masterpieces be sung [albeit sometimes out of tune!]. It allows everyone to indulge the frustrated singer within. As a child, my favorite secret thing to do was to grab a flashlight and belt out my latest favorite song, simultaneously imagining I was starring in my own music video. Videoke brings that childhood fantasy to life, with matching audience pa! Perfect for bonding sessions, whether with friends, officemates, even people you’ve just met. There’s something about a cheesy music video with lyrics running across a TV screen that magically bonds Pinoys together. Even those who can’t carry a tune feel the force of this magical gadget.


Of course, the point of this activity is to get everyone to sing along with you. It’s not really fun if it’s just you singing. The trick is to choose songs that are irresistible. Rain and Emman even have a list of songs to be sung. I’ve come to listen to 96.3WRock and I think it’s the ultimate resource of cheesy, pang-videoke tunes, ranging from high-pitched 80’s glam rock songs, to senti ballads that everyone tags as baduy but secretly like. Some friends even save song titles on their phone and palm for easy reference.
So what are the songs that make it to my personal Billboard list? Here are but a few of my favorites and my barkada’s:

I’ll start with just two, so BASTE ’98 fill it through comments…

1. Half crazy

2. Better Days

3. – –

4. – –

5. – –


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