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This weekend I learned [*again] that the little things can make a big difference; That it is really important to value relationships daily, even in the mundane.


Jb, Roan and Myself spent the afternoon watching MYMP concert at the Centerstage, Mall of Asia. Later on, with Rain, Nates and Emman videoke naman. Sarap talaga.


It’s important to stay connected with friends who care about you, and whom you care for. When given the chance, to do quality time, to verbalize with them even the tiniest details of everyday– the little joys, the little pains.

I’ve lost some of them: loose ends, miscommunications, rejects, whatever! but one thing is true – I still miss the times.


I learned not to run away from friends, trying to solve things by yourself when things ever go down the drain. To make them part of your life by showing them you need them. You appreciate them. You want to know what’s going on with them. You trust them. And you’re there for them every single day, whether near or far away.

Nates, rain, roan, emman, wilson,jayvee, ria, chris, joedan, rien, farrah, joanne, mami cez, mami chu, mami jeng, dian, sir G, dJ, marian, jarran, denden, len, bernie, and those i forgot to mention.. — i’m missing you again.



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