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It will be election time come May 14, and a lot of people will be trooping to polling centers to cast their votes, as well as a lot of candidates will be doing last minute vote buying campaigning and harassments.. and this election is the biggest farce ever!!
did i say farce?? Sorry… no… Not a farce… more to the point, it has become an absurdity, a broad comedy, caricature, a very big joke, a mockery of the Filipino people, a parody, a sham… in short, it has become a travesty..
First, the likes of Richard Goma and Cesar Mountainous, great actors in their own right but not schooled in the business of politics and policy-making, were allowed to run…
Second, Manny Pookyaw, a great boxer and a philanthropist, is now destined to lose in the greatest fight of his life.. to a lady…
Third, who is this candidate who got Francine Prieto as a celebrity endorser? According to him, he got Francine because she has got a sweet disposition and that her image is so clean… clean? Hmmm… I can show him and the world a video of Francine doing a photo shoot in the nude!! Don’t get me wrong… that video is one of my favorite shows on earth… but I don’t think her endorsement can do wonders for this candidate…
Fourth, there is a candidate who was accused of masterminding the Valentine’s bombing in the year 2005 [he was out on bail].. According to him, his idols were Gringo Honasan [accused of mutiny, still under court consideration] and Antonio Trillanes [likewise accused of mutiny and still under heavy guard]… if these are the kinds of people running for public office, no wonder the country is buried under a ton of shit..
and Fifth, we have administration candidates being endorsed by an inept president and corrupt husband, opposition candidates being endorsed by an equally corrupt ex-president, and other candidates under the banner of a dead ex-dictator-ex-president… Where will this country be in the future? and next elections? we’ll see the same candidates all over again, doing the same jig, dance, and stupid jingles over and over again, promising the same promises, and yet, doing nothing when they finally get the nod of the people..

When will we ever learn?


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