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Ok, I’m doing structured procrastination. I’m procrastinating writing…. by writing *hehehe. But this is fun and less pressured. And hell, I don’t really care what you think about what I say or how my writing sounds because you’re not making a 1 second decision as to whether or not I should continue working on my new company. On the other hand, you very well could be if you’re holding my application and googled my name. Well, honestly, I’ve blogged so much, what’s the probability that you actually got to this post? I’m sure there’s tons of other incriminating stuff on my blog. Quoting from people who read my entries *hehehe. Anyways, the real reason for this post, is to celebrate the “true” [ __ ]sary of my blog! Back in February, I celebrated victory because I’ve managed to continue blogging or to update it once in a while to say the least *hehehe. Blogging is viral. Once you start reading friends’ blogs, it makes you want to blog [blame tukso75, rain]. When I started, I had low expectations that it’d last. I have previously kept a journal, but I stopped because I would like go on vacation, miss a week or two of writing, and then I wouldn’t want to write in the journal unless I wrote about everything that happened in the vacation, but I’d never get around to that, so then I just stopped. That almost happened over the New Year break, when I went down to Hongkong. I kept saying that I was gonna blog about it, but I was too lazy, so I didn’t and I cant. I avoided it to stay away from my family’s and relative’s unsolicited comments. I don’t know but I just don’t think they would understand me. I can just imagine hearing them say : Hirap na hirap na pamilya mo nagagawa mo pa magbakasyon at magpakasarap? , Pasosyal ka na naman!, Nagsayang ka na naman ng pera. It was really because of my passion and friends that I had to continue blogging despite missing some stuff. It’s a good motivating force to have people breathe down your back and pestering you about blogging when you haven’t for a few weeks. I’m quite surprised that not only have I been blogging for months now, but I have been blogging a lot. I blog constantly. In the past months, I blogged [ ___ ] times!!! Yes, that’s really an average of [ ___ ] / day. And it’s not like I posted a billion times in one month and then didn’t for a month. The longest period I went without blogging was I think 15 days and that was because I was on vacation. Other than that, the biggest gap was probably less than a week. I feel that I have an obligation not only to myself to blog, but also to my readers [feeling *hehehe]. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, unlike other kinds of writing. Ok, so why do I blog? I think I’ve talked about this several times, but I’m writing it down here anyways. It’s good to reflect after quite sometime.
1. I blog for myself.
o It serves as a record of what I’ve done in my life. It’s something that I can look back upon later [a week, a month, a year, 10 years, 25 years, etc.] and remember what I went through or look up something I did or figure out when I did something. To tell you the truth, I have already looked back at my blog for this purpose.
o It’s therapeutic. Sometimes I just need an outlet to rant.
2. Connect with friends.
o I lived in Sta. Mesa for 2 years, Sampaloc : 2 years, Sablayan : 10 years. I’ve been here in Pureza for almost a month. I’ve been jumping from one place to another here in
literally met people from around the place and partly the world *huh?. This blog serves as a conduit for me to communicate with my friends in a broadcast manner without the need to repeat myself.
3. Establish an online presence
o It was an unintentional consequence, but my blog helped me be felt online and meet people and ***lets. I also post a link to my blog on social friends. I figure, I have nothing to hide.
4. Dispense useful knowledge
o Sometimes I like to write about things that randomly bother my mind. Some of which, I can find useful as well. The main motivating factor is to record it for myself and also be something that I can refer my friends to, rather than repeating myself over and over, but it has the added benefit of gaining some traffic for my blog and attention for what I’m writing about.
o Examples include several of the top posts listed below.
o Shut-up Inggiteras.
But really, it’s mainly #1 and 2. I don’t blog to:
1. Make money
2. Brag [some might say this especially with the gig pictures]. I couldn’t find the comment just now, but my reply was that I don’t brag on my blog because my blog is for me, I leave the bragging to others
3. Serve as an outlet for you to procrastinate
4. Get attention [ok, well, I’m not complaining, but it’s not really why I blog]
5. Ruin peoples’ reputations. Ok, maybe I did do this . Sorry Pipol.
* im planning to have these be migrated to blogspot but still working on it. Having a hard time deciding on the layout and format pa.Here’s a silip.

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