> bLessed SingLeness / singLe bLessedneSs


Last night Ate Erlynn texted me to come over her pLace to accompany her, rO and "kincHay".  Roan was busy doing what she does best. LayoutiNg and doing video to be posted on yoUtubE. For the first time since we got back froM ate erLynn’s wedding, i saw our pictureS. I felt ecstatic of the sighT.

RO : miC ako bahaLa sa pic ikaw sa thoughts for captioNs and crediTs.

                         [ very rOan ]

… i couLdn’t come up on somethinG.. my bRain wasn’T workinG…

r e w i n D.. r e w i n D.. r e w i n D.. r e w i n D.. r e w i n D..

A close friend of miNe [naTes] asked if I feeL the dreaRiness of being singLe. And I think he was surPrised to hear that I don’T even think about iT. Seriously. I don’t get iT. As I said, I am not unhaPpy and I do noT even feeL that I should be Living someone eLse’s life. I don’t envy anyone who liveS a life of adventure because we chooSe our oWn destiny. If you want to be happy, then you should resolve to make yourself happy. You can’t wait for life to come and say, ‘Oh yes. Today I will make aLmicH happy by giving hiM everything he wants in life.’ I think that only happens in fairy tales anD I know I don’t live in a fairy taLe life. Decadent life maybe.

At one time, soMeone aLso comMented to me that I don’t seEm to have a probLem. But I do, who in this world doesn’t? I guess, I just happen to be the type that does not aLLow things like that to drag me down. I don’t announce to the worLd that I have a problem. Boo hoo. Who cares?

Yes, I post in my bLog things that haPpened to me and things that I wanT to do. Which in a way might make the reader think thaT they know me weLL. But I think that’s a useLess assumpTion because no maTTer how mUch you post, peopLe wiLL never know what you think and feeL about everything because that’s personal. It’s yours and you can choose to share it or not.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not heartless. I do feel and I am sensitive to the people around me.although i know, JB at times tend to argUe the thougHt. I don"t caRe! I feel sad when someone close to me is sad and I am usually happy for friends and family when something good happens in their lives. I know how to sympathize with people who are down and out of luck. I am not such a b*tch that I will kick someone when they’re down.

I have long ago resolved that I will live my life the way I want to and be happy whenever I can. Life is short and being worried about things is not really helping.

I’m haPpy for aTe erLynn and maTT, i envY the weDDing we witNesseD and shaRed wiTh. I and rO even stOOd as maTT’s reLatives [ so kano na rin kaMi? ]


Ako? i’LL be happY for peopLe naLang munA, i wisH a heaLthy baby-eaRwooD. I’m not thinking of aDopting one for myseLf like cEz did.

For now, i’LL enjoy as rO’s mind over the layoUts and senTiments over youtuBes she makeS.

I’LL simpLy put things muna on the safeSt perspectiVe : BLESSED SINGLENESS.

*talking abouT being senTi…



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