> 10 min BLOG

It’s 4:14 AM as im writing this…

It’s good to be home and alone.

Joma just graduated from college and she’s home [ Mindoro ] for the Holy Week. Her parents stayed for almost two weeks. Syempre hirap matulog, dyahe kumilos. I’m still working *sigh … meeting goals, meeting expectations.

I cleaned up a cabinet where I put a variety of things I value and also other things that I don’t feel like throwing away.  Rummaging through all those things stored up there for years was like meeting things of the past. I rediscovered pictures, letters, journals, souvenirs, postcards, receipts, musical play tickets, concert tickets, even plane tickets, and all other tickets, expired credit cards [ I just can’t throw away a credit card, can I? ], among many others. I "unearthed" borloloys stuff and stamp collections – hobbies I had long forgotten. [ ha ha ha ]  I read some notes and hand-outs from college that made more sense now to me than 5 to 6 years ago.  I was saying to myself, "I actually wrote that when I was 19?" I felt I was much wiser then than now [ ha ha ha ]… writing about such abstract topics with so much idealism.

I realized how much I’ve changed and how much I haven’t. How much I’ve improved and matured and how much I’ve regressed [ admittedly, in some ways ]. Ok, I hope I was wrong about feeling I was wiser before than I am now. I am much wiser now than I was before.  I should be.  I SHOULD BE!

This is my 10-minute post.  Now I’m getting back to work.


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