> ROAN’s tayo’y umiyaK inviTe

" I dreamed a dream that my life would be so different from this hell that I’m living, but life has killed the dream I dreamed…"

-Fontaine, Les Miserables

Last nighT, rain, I, anD rOan rounded up over the latters compLimentary mani [happy] and spicy-coated-maNi [chikiTo : mani kung mani taLaga!] and get this… for the purpoSe of "mag-iyaKan" tayo as rOan wisHed.

I teasEd them for their new hair Do. So virginaL, modesT and so 1st yeaR. The ones you get to see sportEd by highscHooL new-graDs taking entrance exaMs. It’s so NENE and "mag-iingat ka dito sa MayniLa anak ha" – like.

We then saT down and my twO  NENE friends poureD their hearts oUt abouT their reLationshiPs or shouLd i say "relationshipeD?"

ROAN – our antuKin and considereD bunso sa barkadA just got out of a WEBby reLationship. She’s obviousLy hurTing. I understanD.

RAIN – on the other hanD is aLso troubLed but enjoying the exPerience of being so haba-my-hair momenT but cannoT be daW [saD : ( ]. I wish to undersTand.

During our long talk, we triEd to asses or LOVElives. We askeD ourseLves what did or didn’t happEn and whY we weren’T Living the life we aLways thought we wouLd? I guess it’s simpLe – LOVE/LIFE moves in a mysterious waY.

Moments later, we decideD to go ouT. This tiMe mas sosyaL… over sisig, tokwa and saN miG. The 2 NENE’s sync-lamenteD with the videoKe songs : Here withouT yOu by 3 doors doWn,  TattooeD on my mind by d sOund, Steep – Lauren crisTy, chaSing carS – snOw patroL, dreaMing of yoU – seLena, ‘tiL my heartaches end – eLLa mae saison, giFt – jim brickmaN, and everytHing i own by Bread. Each one pLayed something to bring back NENE’s time, hurT their feeLings, rememBer individuaLs, events and to my deLight [he he he] their "passe" lovelivEs. We were so driftEd and "affecteD"? that we aLmost didn’T notice the sHonget-guy-sasuLok making papanSin and parinig his ceLLphone number. Much to our surpRise, we overhearD him sayiNg to the "guard-pweDering-waiteR" to get someOne’s numbEr. Kanino? isa sa aMin? [incLuded taLga ako he he he] EEeeewwwwww na mahaBa! I feLt so kaLbo. This isn’t the time I wouLd wish the haba-hair-momenT.

A coupLe more of suBo ng puLutan, beer guLps, musiC on the backgrOund, RAIN’s "pahaboL sa admirer" MomenT, ROAN’s youTube and my ceLL fLirtiNg, we caLLed it a nighT.

Kasabay ng waLang patid na pagkahoL ng aso kina rAin, nakituLog ako sa soFa niLa beaRing the thoughT…

                               " It’s all a matter of Choice "

You aLone choose how to Live your Life and make something out of iT. The end resuLts will be deTermined by how we maNaged to get up and saY – "Hi! i’m avaiLable again" after every reLationshiP. In lieu shouLd be the prayEr – " Lord, yonG seryOso namaN at seryoso namAn po this tiMe, ‘yoNg talagang magla-Last."

Again, life and love is a maTter of chOice. You can choose to despaiR, forgeT to hoPe and give up. But that would onLy mean that LIFE didn’t kill the dream you dreameD. You did.


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